"Little" Patricia Vidonic (right) gets her hand raised following a TKO win over Maria Andaverde in the 5th round at Rogue Warrior Fights 9 in April 2010.

Time is ticking; the more it does, the better prepared I’m going to be. In a little less than two weeks, on June 25th, I will be showcasing my skills in Denver, Colo., at the Grizzly Rose.

The Beatdown MMA 110 lb. Championship is what I am striving toward. There are two shows in Denver that day; however they are at separate times. So Colorado MMA fans can get a full daily allowance of Mixed Martial Arts on June 25th!!

I am not sure what time the other show starts, but Beatdown MMA’s show starts at 2 p.m. and the doors open at 1 p.m.!!

We have made our way into Colorado. I have been polishing up my strong points and tightening up the holes in my game. I have been invited to a fantastic gym, where there are lots of great people and coaches.

I have also done some technique drills on the Army base. I am acquiring some valuable mat time and sparring.

I have reached a plateau in my weight at 120 lbs., so I got hooked up with an Olympic wrestler for a “proper” weight cut. I have full faith that I will make weight and feel great.

My coach and I were a little stressed about my weight situation, until we had spoken to my new weight cutting mentor at the awesome gym I’m prepping at.

So far I am feeling stronger than I ever have at any weight, and obviously more skilled due to time. I am focused, with my eye on the prize, and ready for my time to do work!!

I love every aspect of this sport and cannot wait to see where all of my hard work and drive will take me during my career. “You get out what you put into it” and “Hard work pays off.” These are two phrases I live my life by.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. The fight pictures you see below are from my last amateur fight vs. Maria Andaverde 4/17/10 in my hometown of Medford, Ore.

Next week’s blog will have pictures of me prepping here in Colorado as well as revealing where and who I am training with.

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XOXO Little Patricia =)


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4 thoughts on ““Little” Patricia Vidonic’s Road to the Championship Blog: Hard Work Pays Off”
  1. Anyone who who knows this fighter, knows there is no one who trains harder. The Fighting championship duo with her husband Jason are tremondous trainers and focused grapplers as well as parntners. They conditon to make Bruce Jenner look like a 50 yard sprinter. Hats of to Li’l P and Jason.

  2. Thanks everyone. Thanks for such kind words Matt. Matt has actually worked out with me a few times. He is a warrior himself, never giving up!!

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