Shane Carwin reflects on his loss to Junior dos Santos at UFC 131

A damaged Shane Carwin keeps moving forward at UFC 131 against Junior dos Santos. Photo credit: Ken Pishna for MMA Weekly

Shane Carwin is home. The Grudge fighter tested himself against one of the very best heavyweights in the world Saturday night and came up short. He has no reason to hang his head though.

Junior dos Santos looked like a pro boxer out there and Carwin ended up with a broken nose and possibly a fractured cheek bone. In a Sunday afternoon blog post, “The Engineer” reflected on what went wrong:

“As the fight started I just did not feel like myself, I wasn’t able to get my feet moving and Junior capitalized quickly. As he was pummeling me I kept trying to find a way to defend myself so Herb would not stop the fight. Junior was landing solid shots and that is where probably he broke my nose.

From that point on the rest of the fight was essentially Junior executing his game plan. His jab was extremely effective and he used the jab to set the pace of the fight.

The end of the fight was pretty much a blur. Junior was a better fighter than I was last night. His boxing was better and he used his boxing to take me out of the fight. I have nothing but respect for Junior and his camp. He deserves the title shot.

After the second round I knew I was in trouble. My nose made it impossible to breathe, my eyes were full of blood and Junior was still coming at me. When the ref stopped the fight in the third, I thought it was over. When the doctor came in the octagon I knew it was going to be up to me to sell them on letting me continue. I knew I was in deep trouble but I also knew that all I needed was one clean shot. I wanted to keep myself in the fight. I wasn’t able to see but I said I could and we continued.”

Carwin goes on to say he can not wait to heal up and get back in the gym and start training again. He proved he has the cardio, his heart can not be questioned, he can knock out anyone in the world if he gets in a clean shot — he just needs to work on that technique, mix it up, and stick to his game plan.

Carwin’s coach, Trevor Wittman, said in a post-fight interview their game plan went out the window:

“Our game plan was to kind of pin him up against the fence, dirty box him and rough him up. If the takedown was there, we expected Junior dos Santos to defend the takedown but we figured probably after the third or fourth attempt we’d be able to keep him down, hold him down and wear on him a bit. The game plan pretty much went out the window. It’s easier said than done. Our game plan definitely was to grind him out along the fence, get him down, rough him up and dos Santos used his feet real well and kept Shane off balance with his jab. A lot of credit goes to dos Santos.”

A lot of fans have mentioned Roy Nelson as a possible next opponent for Carwin, seeing as they are both coming off losses. What say you fight fans?