"Little" Patricia Vidonic

Hello, I want to thank you for following me on the third week of my blog about my road to being a professional champion.

I am 2 ½ weeks out from fighting for the Beatdown MMA 110-pound title as the main event. It will be at the Grizzly Rose in Denver, Colo.

To catch anyone up that is just joining us, this is a charitable event, benefiting the family of fallen Sheriff’s Deputy Brownlee.

My opponent is Lacey “The Ladie” Schuckman, her pro record is 6-3 and Fight Matrix has her ranked #5 in the world at this weight.

She was an amateur Muay Thai fighter, and has her blue belt in BJJ. Lacey has been training combat sports for many years. She is also from Denver (I love fighting the hometown girl).

Please check out my other blogs to see what I was doing during the past couple of weeks.

So far my weight is coming off gradually; eating less only sounds like “less” work. You have to possess will power and mental strength.

I weighed myself this morning, I am 10 pounds over my contracted weight and solid as a rock. I have been feeling hungry (of course), and a little irritable; I know it’s only going to get worse…

That’s another factor that drives me, beside all the blood and sweat, it’s the cutting. My diet is about the same as it was during my last blog; except: only 4 oz. of meat at a time, only 1 snack a day and I have been replacing lunch with a protein shake.

I know right where I’m going to eat as soon as weigh-ins are over. Shhhh it’s a secret. LOL I’m planning my “fattening up” time.

Like I said, it’s almost time for me to do work in Denver, Colo. We are loading up in the RV this weekend and starting our adventure across the United States to train at different facilities and prepping me for fights, because I will still be actively fighting.

Our first stop is Denver to finish getting me ready for this fight. After that we are heading north to Montana!

If anyone is interested in sponsoring me or just wanting to “help out” with travel expenses, every little (or big) bit helps and is appreciated. My Paypal account is [email protected].

If you want to discuss possible sponsorship or having us come to your area feel free to email us at the same address.

I appreciate everyone’s support~ Fans, family, friends, my sponsors ~ Damage Control Mouthguards ~ Failure’s No Option ~ Fight Soap ~ Im-Forever-Fit.com ~ The Next Great Fighter ~ Jack Bratcher with Pro MMA Now and a special thanks to the Cogburn Family and the website for their performance horses at  http://www.cogburnwestperformancehorses.com/.

Please don’t forget to watch the video and share this link!! You all rock!!

XOXO Little Patricia


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