Welcome to the recap of the final episode for The Ultimate Fighter season 13. The season ends this evening with both semifinal bouts.

The tension is still thick in the house the next morning after Tony Ferguson made comments about Charlie Rader‘s son during a night of drunken debauchery.

Semifinal weigh-ins: Chris Cope – 170 lbs. vs. Ramsey Nijem – 170.5

Tony comes into the guys’ room and apologizes to Charlie, Chuck O’Neil and Chris Cope for the things he said. The guys don’t seem to really buy it.

Semifinal Fight 1

Chris Cope vs. Ramsey Nijem

Round 1 – Ramsey attacks first, comes in swinging and puts Cope against the cage. Cope defends the takedown well though. Ramsey fires off a combo and drops levels for the takedown. Cope goes down but not all the way and pops up immediately. Ramsey keeps him pressed to the cage and Cope lights him up with several rabbit punches. Cope backs out of the clinch and Ramsey attacks with punches and goes for the takedown but is stuffed once again. He grabs Cope’s leg and continues to eat short punches from Cope. Ramsey stands back up but keeps the clinch. Cope continues to defend with knees and punches stopping the takedown. Finally, the ref splits them. They square up. Nice left lab from Cope. Ramsey swings and misses. Nice body shot and left jab from Ramsey, front kick. Leg kick from Cope. Body shot from Ramsey. Leg kick from Cope. Again. Close round but ProMMAnow.com scores it for Ramsey 10-9.

Round 2 – Big leg kick from Cope. Ramsey shoots, gets the takedown, but Cope gets to a knee and escapes. Ramsey gives him a body kick on the way up. Leg kick from Cope. Double jab from Cope. Big overhand right from Ramsey scores. Leg kick from Cope but Ramsey shoots and puts him against the cage. Cope lands several short punches but Ramsey attacks with a brutal assault of punches, grabs a tie clinch and lands two big knees, more punches right to the chin and Cope goes down and the ref is forced to save him. Great performance from Ramsey.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ramsey Nijem def. Chris Cope by TKO (strikes) Rd 2

Semifinal weigh-ins: Tony Ferguson – 170 lbs. vs. Chuck O’Neil – 170 lbs.

Ramsey Nijem advances to the finals with the win over Cope.

Dana White says he is a fan of Chuck, calls him “gritty” and “tough”. Chuck says he has lost all respect for Tony because of the things he said toward Charlie.

Semifinal Fight 2

Tony Ferguson vs. Chuck O’Neil

Round 1 – Tony with a nice leg kick and Chuck fires one back. Chuck with a punch combo and Tony scores with a leg kick. Chuck fires back with a head kick that is blocked. Chuck lands a couple punches and stops Tony’s advance. He fires off a kick that is blocked. Left hook from Tony. Chuck lands a low blow, they touch gloves. Right hand from Tony backs Chuck up. Chuck counters with a punch, lands a combo. Leg kick from Tony. Punch combo, leg kick from Chuck. Big left hand backs up Chuck, follows it with a leg kick. Leg kick from Chuck. Chuck slips a shot and lands a big leg kick. Tony with nice head movement, gets close and lands a big punch that backs Chuck up. He catches a kick from Chuck and tosses him to the mat but lets him up. Chuck can’t get his timing as Tony is using good head movement at this point. Tony walks him down and lands three punches before the bell. ProMMAnow.com scores the round 10-9 for Tony.

Round 2 – Leg kick from Chuck. Tony with a leg kick. He catches Chuck’s body kick and counters with a big punch. Leg kick from Tony. Nice left from Tony. Leg kick from Chuck. Tony checks a kick. Nice left from Tony followed by a big right. They trade jabs. Leg kick from Tony. Left jab from Chuck. Leg kick from Tony. Again. Chuck lands one. Nice jab from Tony. Leg kick from Chuck. Jab from Tony. Chuck not using head movement now and has his chin in the air. Tony has busted up his nose at this point. They exchange leg kicks. Nice jab from Tony. Leg kick from Tony. Again. Big left from Tony. Leg kick. Chuck’s nose is a bloody mess now. Leg kick from Tony. Chuck misses a spinning back kick. Leg kick from Tony and he throws a flying knee at the bell. ProMMAnow.com scores the round 10-9 for Tony.

Round 3 – Left counter from Tony and  a leg kick, another leg kick. Chuck’s head and chin is straight up in the air now. Leg kick from Tony. Big body shot from Tony. Leg kick and a huge right, leg kick, leg kick, body shot. Tony picking him apart now. Leg kick, big body shot. Chuck flinches. Big right from Tony, leg kick. Chuck’s nose is busted up. He fires back a jab or two but is getting pounded. Leg kick from Tony. Again. Combo from Chuck. Tony pressing, backing him up. Right hand, big left to the body. Chuck stationary, he slips a shot, stops against the cage and eats a left and a right and goes down. Ref lets him up. Leg kick from Tony. Big left from Tony. Chuck fires back but Tony attacks with a leg kick a punch to the face and a big body shot puts Chuck down and he is done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tony Ferguson def. Chuck O’Neil by TKO (strikes) Rd 3

Tony Ferguson advances to the finals.

He says after the fight there is no animosity against Chuck. Chuck doesn’t feel the same way. He says there is still animosity.

The TUF 13 Finale features Tony Ferguson vs. Ramsey Nijem this Saturday, June 4, in Las Vegas.

Dana comes on and reports that Brock Lesnar will not be able to fight opposing coach Junior dos Santos because his diverticulitis problems have returned. Brock has since had surgery to take care of the issue but still will not be ready to fight.

Instead, Shane Carwin will face dos Santos at UFC 131 on June 11.

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