The MMA Outsider Podcast ep. 10: UFC 130, TUF 13 Finale and Bonus Alexis Vila Interview

Richard Anderson Mann and John Buhl take a look back at UFC 130 before looking forward to the TUF 13 Finale. The duo also handicap the upcoming Bellator bantamweight tournament. The podcast team also brings our loyal fans a bonus interview with world-ranked flyweight Alexis Vila (see below).

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Alexis Vila Interview

Q: First off, let’s talk about your win over Lewis McKenzie at MFA. How did that fight go and how would you rate your performance? Have you reviewed the fight and seen anything you can improve on?

A: I thought the fight went great! I used the first round to feel him out as a fighter and finished him in the second. I dominated him the entire time.

Q: The big news came out that you’ll be in the Bellator bantamweight tournament coming up. What changes, if any, do you make competing at 135 as opposed to 125? Is there a size difference in the guys you face at that weight? Also, do you feel like you have better cardio at 135 or is it about the same?

A: I’ve had to force myself to eat more to ensure I stay bigger so I can fight and be strong at 135. When you train as much as we do it is hard keep weight on. While some of the guys may be a little bigger I don’t see that much of a difference and feel comfortable either way. I’m in the best shape of my life.

Q: Bellator has had some very strong tournaments, but this bantamweight tournament is shaping up to be one of the best as far as talent. Featherweight champ Joe Warren will be in it, as well as former WEC champ Chase Beebe, Eduardo Dantas, and some others. Do you think these will be the toughest fighters you’ve faced in your career? How much of an advantage is it training at ATT with the large amount of talent they have to prepare for a tournament like this?

A: I’m excited to be facing some of the top fighter finally. What’s great about training at ATT is that I spare with some of the best fighters in the world at weight class weigh above mine so I’m constantly challenged and put to the test. After that when I go to fight guys my own weight- it’s easy for me.

Q: Some fighters have trouble adjusting to the format, with only a few weeks sometimes in between fights. Do you think having a short amount of prep time between rounds will help or hurt you? You have three fights close together in 2008, so are you confident about dealing with the tournament schedule and does it make it easier doing it at 135 as opposed to 125?

A: I would fight every month. I like to fight all the time and don’t like to go long periods without fighting so this style is a perfect fit for me. I’m not one of those fighters that ever takes a break from training so I don’t need prep time.

Q: If I recall, you tried out for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, which will feature bantamweights and featherweights. How did the tryouts go, and if you weren’t selected, did they give any reasons why?

A: Tryouts went great and I went all the way to the end. Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.

Q: As usual, feel free to list any thank yous, sponsors, etc., you’d like included. Thanks again for taking the time and good luck in Bellator.

A: Thanks for your support. You are always one of the first to reach out to me and help spread the news about my career progress. Big thanks to Bellator and Sam Caplan for believing in me- I won’t let you down, and to my managers, Tina and Ray with ML Management, ATT Coconut Creek, SMSP, and all my coaches and staff.

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