In some parts of the world this could be considered torture. For "Little" Patricia Vidonic it's just another day at the office. Dragging tractor tires at the Cogburn Ranch in New Mexico. Photo credit: Team Vidonic

First off, I want to say “Thank You” for staying tuned into my blog leading up to the most important fight of my career so far.

For those of you just joining this coverage, I am fighting June 25th against Lacey “The Ladie” Schuckman for the Beatdown MMA 110lb title.

According to Fight Matrix rankings, Lacey is ranked #5 in the world at this weight. I turned pro less than a year ago, this is a huge opportunity to showcase my skill level.

As you remember, the contracted weight for this fight is 110 lbs. I have never gotten down to that weight yet, 115 lbs. is the biggest cut I have faced, until now.

I am 3 ½ weeks out from weigh ins and I have 15 lbs left!! My diet consists of 3 egg whites in the morning with a cup of green tea, 6oz of fish or yard bird (chicken) with a handful of fresh veggies.

Dinner is 4oz of fish or yard bird with either a spinach salad or some fresh veggies. I’m really watching my portion sizes.

I have snacks during the day like: ½ piece of fruit, fresh veggies, non fat Greek yogurt, or 1 rice cake. I drink at least a gallon of water a day.

I live in the hills outside of Farmington, N.M. Where I train is at approximately 5,600 ft. in elevation; where I run and do hill sprints in the morning is about 6,000 ft. in elevation.

In the evenings I do cardio and conditioning with a snorkel to restrict my breathing and force me to breathe through my nose.

I train 2 times a day on an average, taking a ½ day off here and there. Top notch conditioning is essential and makes a huge difference in the cage.

Being physically conditioned is very important, as well as mental readiness. There are different things I do or concentrate on for each one of my opponents individually.

However, no matter who I’m facing, I never underestimate them, it’s a fight and anything can happen. I’m focusing on my game plan, staying relaxed and working hard tightening up the holes in my game.

In my down time I go fishing and hiking with my guys and our dog. We fish with our homemade pole (yes we catch fish) and go for hikes out in the mountains, the terrain here is beautiful to explore.

I have included some photos and video of my week, so you can check out what I have been doing. Please feel free to share this article, and follow my career on my Facebook Fan Page.

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Also a very special thanks to Kingdom Connection and the Cogburn Family ~ I am also still looking for sponsors for this fight. If you are interested or know anyone who is, please contact me at [email protected].

A big thanks to Jack Bratcher and Pro MMA Now for asking me to do this blog. I am truly grateful for this opportunity. If you missed last week’s Introduction Blog you can check that out here: “Little” Patricia Vidonic’s Road to the Championship Blog: Introduction.

XOXOXO Little Patricia


“Little” Patricia Vidonic’s “Road to the Championship Blog” is part of’s ongoing series of blogs from professional MMA fighters who are giving readers a look at what it takes to live, train and compete as a professional athlete. Check back each week as Patricia chronicles her “Road to the Championship” and fights for the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound championship title on June 25.

“Little” Patricia goes for her high elevation morning run in the hills of New Mexico.

Conditioning and cardio training with “Little” Patricia

Editor’s Note: If you are a fighter or are just looking to get in “fighting shape”, feel free to ask “Little” Patricia questions regarding training or diet by using the comments section below.

5 thoughts on ““Little” Patricia Vidonic’s Road to the Championship Blog: Diet and Training”
  1. Is your surname from Croatia? Vidonic looks from Croatia.

    All the best in your trainings and fights,


  2. Who are some of the women fighters you look up to Patricia?

    Also, I would like to improve my wrestling, but there are no good women wrestlers near me and my husband doesn’t really want me rolling around on the ground with guys. What would you recommend?

  3. Cris Santos and Marloes Coenen are the first that come to mind! Not only are they very dedicated but are always very classy. Maybe if you told me where you live I can help find some female fighters that train in your area. As far as the husband, he needs to get over it. Most MMA gyms have more guys than women. Men are typically stronger and more aggressive, ask him this; Would he rather an easy win, cuz your sparring partners are guys that can push you and are available? Or watch you get beat up in the cage cuz you didnt?? Maybe my Hubbs can talk with yours…..he is my coach also! Lol ~ thanks for the question, please let me know your answers!
    Lil P

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