Episode nine opens at a Team dos Santos training session as Zach Davis prepares for his upcoming quaterfinal bout with Chuck O’Neil.

In episode six, Zach defeated Chuck via triangle choke submission at 3:20 of round one. Chuck was chosen as a wildcard to return to the competition.

Junior wants Zach to put Chuck on the ground and he feels he will submit Chuck for a second time.

Chuck says if he wins a finishing bonus, he plans to give Charlie Rader a portion of the money because he has been having some financial trouble.

Coach Lesnar helps Chuck prepare a game plan for Zach. Chuck says his game plan is to keep it standing.

Chuck punches a hole in the door as he walks out to the cage.

Zach Davis vs. Chuck O’Neil

Round 1 – Chuck fires off some punches and catches Zach with some nice shots and a big leg kick that forces Zach to shoot in. Chuck stuffs it. Knees to the body from Zach as he drops down looking for the takedown. They clinch up against the cage, exchanging knees and dirty boxing.

Zach tries for another takedown but is denied. Ref calls for action, then separates them. Front kick from Zach. Chuck fires back with a big leg kick and lands some nice punches that open a cut under Zach’s eye. One two punch from Chuck, leg kick from Zach. Big right hand from Chuck and Zach shoots.

He’s stuffed once again and Chuck lights him up with little rabbit punches from the clinch. Zach backs out and Chuck lands a punch combo. Zach drops levels for a takedown but is stuffed. Chuck lands some nice punches that back Zach up and continues to land until the bell. ProMMAnow.com scores the round 10-9 for Chuck O’Neil.

Round 2 – Leg kick from Zach. Fight goes to the ground and Chuck ends up inside guard but stands up and lets Zach up. Leg kick from Zach. Big leg kick from Chuck, he follows up with punches that score forcing Zach to shoot, he’s stuffed., presses Chuck to the cage.

The go to the ground with Chuck on top but he stands up and out of guard. After an exchange Zach shoots and is stuffed once again. Clinch up against the cage with two minutes left. Brock calls for Chuck to punch him from the clinch. Ref separates them and Chuck comes out first.

Lands a combo and leg kick. Another leg kick. Front kick from Zach but he eats a punch. One two from Chuck, leg kick from Zach. Thirty seconds left. Zach shoots, stuffed. Lazy front kick from Zach. There’s a pretty big cut underneath Zach’s left eye. ProMMAnow.com scores the round 10-9 and the fight 20-18 for Chuck O’Neil.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chuck O’Neil def. Zach Davis by unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

Dana says afterward that Chuck may not be the best striker or wrestler but he’s definitely the toughest guy there.

Next, we see Brock working with Tony Ferguson. He feels once Tony gets in a dominant position he gets a little fancy and wants him to get away from that a bit.

Zach does not come back to the fighter house until the next day. We find out he underwent emergency surgery due to the fact he had two torn retinas. The doctors told him he can never fight again or he could go blind. Needless to say, he is very bummed as are his teammates.

Ryan starts preparing for his bout with Tony and works with Junior. Junior says Tony is very dangerous but Ryan has a good chance of submitting him.

Tony said he was always known as “the little Mexican with big ears” in school in Michigan and sports was his outlet to escape being the outcast.

Tony Ferguson vs. Ryan McGillivray

Round 1 – Leg kick from Tony. Ryan lands a left hook but gets countered with a big uppercut that puts him down. Tony follows up with a few more shots and the ref is forced to step in. That’s it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tony Ferguson def. Ryan McGillivray by KO (punches) Rd 1

Junior talks with Ryan after the fight and tells him to never give up. He tells the team to put their positive energy towards Ramsey Nijem now, who is the team’s last fighter in the competition.

Semifinal match-ups announced:

  • Ramsey Nijem vs. Chris Cope
  • Tony Ferguson vs. Chuck O’Neil

Chris said, “I can’t take you seriously Ramsey.” Ramsey said, “You better.”

Tony says it sucks to have to fight his friend Chuck, after all, they are teammates, but definitely expects there to be fireworks.

Once back at the house the guys are celebrating and drinking and things get out of hand between Charlie Rader and Tony Ferguson. Charlie pours a drink or something on Tony and he flips out, tackles him over the couch and his hand goes through the glass coffee table.

Charlie thought they were just playing and gets up and asks Tony if he is serious. They guys come close to throwing down but the other guys get in-between them and separate them.

Tony gets very personal here and asks Charlie, “Where’s your kid at?” He keeps saying this and tells him, “Hit me and see your  kid, hit me and see your kid.”

Due to some legal issues Charlie has not been able to see his kid for the last year and Tony knew this. The whole house turns against Tony for saying this to Charlie. Then to make matters worse, Tony says it again even after everyone told him how lowdown it was.

Even Chuck, Tony’s teammate who he has to fight in the semifinals said, “I’m going to take his dreams away.”

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  1. i thought from the beginning that tony was just a jersey shore punk its pretty funny to me that i was actually right

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