Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley LIVE results and play-by-play

LAS VEGAS — WBO Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao puts his title on the line against former WBA Super Welterweight Champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Thirty-nine-year-old Mosley will see if he can rise to the occasion and do what it takes to defeat the man considered the best pound for pound boxer on the planet.

This title bout is scheduled for 12 rounds and takes place tonight at MGM’s Grand Garden Arena.

NOTES: Mosley walked out with L.L. Cool J singing “Mama Said Knock You Out” as he walked along in front of Mosley. Pacquaio walked out to “Eye of the Tiger” with the original singer Jimi Jamison of Survivor singing it and walking out along with the fighter. Pacquiao had a huge smile on his face. Here we go!

Round 1 – Mosley has never been stopped. Nice quick right jab from Pacquiao, Mosley with one right between the gloves. Pacquiao lands a nice right to the cheers of the crowd. Body shot from Pacquiao scores. Solid right to the body from Mosley and Pacquiao returns a left to the body. Mosley with a big right that’s blocked but moves Pacquiao backwards a bit. Close round. I’d give it to Pacquiao barely. Could go either way.

Round 2 – Nice left from Pacquiao. Body shot from Manny. Left to the body from Manny. Right glancing blow from Manny. Nice left to the body from Manny. One two from Mosley backs up Pacquiao. Three punch combo from Manny. Nice left to the body and a right to the head, another right to the head from Pacquiao. Good shot to the body from Manny. He takes the round 10-9.

Round 3 – Right hand from Mosley but Manny lands a nice left. Lots of head and shoulder movement from Manny as he tries to get inside. Nice right from Manny then a left hand that drops Mosley to the canvas. He gets a standing eight count. Manny knows he’s hurt and puts on the pressure. Left hand from Pacquiao connects, he backs Mosley up. Manny to the body, Mosley tries to hold on. Mosley survives but that’s a 10-8 for Mr. Pacquiao.

Round 4 – Pacquiao stalking. Mosley ties up. Nice left from Manny. Mosley slips to the ground. He’s very tentative right now. Manny with a nice left but Mosley lands a solid right, now a solid body shot. One two from Manny and Mosley ties him up. Body shot from Manny scores. Left hand from Shane. Nice combo from Mosley landing a left hook solid. Manny charges with a combo and time runs out. Manny gets the round 10-9.

Round 5 – Right hook from Manny. Left jab from Shane. Left to the body from Manny. They bump heads and the ref warns them. Straight left from Pacquiao. Nice body shot from Mosley, again as Manny gets caught standing still. One two from Manny, Mosley blocks it mostly. Left hook from Mosley. Nothing too solid landed this round but I still give it to Manny 10-9.

Round 6 – Manny has thrown about twice as many punches as Mosley. Manny with an uppercut. Mosley seems to be looking for the one big shot. Lands a one two to the body. Mosley clinches up to the boos of the crowd. Manny stalking. Nice right from Shane scores. Neither fighter landed very much although Shane scored the best shot of the round. I’ll give the round to Mosley out of charity.

Round 7 – Mosley’s corner said he was in defense mode after the knock down. Nice left from Mosley. Boos from the crowd and Manny lands a one two. Body shot from Mosley and Manny fires back with several punches. Nothing gets through much. Right hand from Manny, then a left, right. Left hab from Manny. Pacquiao gets the round 10-9. The crowd is not happy, most likely at Shane’s performance.

Round 8 – The crowd boos. Manny backing Mosley up with several shots. Left to the body from Manny, then a right. Left jab from Manny, nice left. Nice big left hook from Mosley. Right jab and body shot from Manny. Big right hand from Mosley. Mosley looking like Machida in there in total defense mode. Manny gets the round easily 10-9.

Round 9 – Left straight from Mosley. Big left from Manny. Boos from the crowd. Right hand from Mosley and they butt heads. Nice quick left hab for Mosley. Manny looking a bit sloppy. Nice body, head shot and a big straight from Pacquiao. Right hook from Pacquiao. Low body shot from Mosley. Pacquiao with a big body shot and a right hook that backs up Mosley. Manny wins another one 10-9.

Round 10 – Manny keeping Mosley backing up. Big left to the body from Manny, uppercut. One two to the body from Manny. They give Manny a standing eight but it was a slip. Manny smiles at the ref and pours on the heat now, big left from Manny. Big body shot and Mosely wants none of it. Manny chasing him. I give Manny the round 10-9. Replay shows it was a push, not a knock down on Manny.

Round 11 – Body shot from Manny. Manny pouring on the heat, going for the kill, lands several big shots. Mosley retreating in total defense. Big right hook from Manny. I think that standing eight really pissed him off and he wants to prove a point now. Chants of “knock him out” start. Left hook from Mosley. counter right from Mosley. Manny trying to cut him off from running. Nice combo from Manny, again, puts Mosley on the bike again and the crowd cheers. 10-9 for Manny.

Round 12 – Gus Johnson compared one of Manny’s punches to a “Superman Punch” in the MMA world. Chants of “Manny”. Big right from Manny. Mosley puts on some heat with a body shot. Two minutes to go. Mosley ties him up, gives some rabbit punches to the body. Nice left from Manny. Big left to the body. Straight left from Manny, again, a right hook. Manny still looking for the knockout for less than a minute to go. Nice right hook from Manny. Mosley ┬ájust wanted a paycheck — that’s my ultimate analysis of this fight. 10-9 for Manny.

NOTES: Manny is performing a concert later tonight where in fact he will be singing. Manny threw twice as many punches and landed twice as many as Mosley. However, Manny threw a lot less punches than he normally does, mostly because Mosley ran for most of the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Manny Pacquiao def. Shane Mosley by unanimous decision (119-108, 1120-108, 120-107) Rd 12 (3:00)

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