The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos episode six starts out in Team dos Santos’ locker room after Mick Bowman lost his fight to Clay Harvison on last week’s episode.

Lesnar tells Len that if they win their next two fights that he is in line for the wild-card pick. Lesnar assumes Clay is going to be out of the tournament due to the injury to his pinky in his fight with Mick.

Len actually ends up hurting his knee while training and gets wheeled into the doctor’s office at the same time while Clay is there getting his finer taken care of.

The doctor seems to think Len is going to be okay and says his ACL is still in tact. Also, come to find out, despite we were told it was a compound fracture, Clay’s finger injury seems to have just been a dislocation.

Junior dos Santos finds out that their wrestling coach Lew Polley went to the fighter house without telling Junior. This upset Junior and he took counsel with one of the elder coaches to get his opinion on the matter. The elder coach says Lew has been doing this type of thing since the beginning and his tendency is to “diminish” instead of build up the fighters and the scene ends with Junior telling Lew they need to talk.

Junior tells Lew it was very disrespectful for him to go to the house without him and says he does not like the vibe between them. Lew said he was just going to check on their injured fighter.

What happens next I don’t think anyone saw coming. Junior tells Lew he needs to leave.

The whole thing is actually pretty confusing to me. We here at have been talking to several of the Team dos Santos fighters about the issue to get their point of view. You can read our interviews with Ramsey, Shamar and Mick (will be posted Thursday), who all give their thoughts on the beef between Lew and Junior.

The fight picks are next, we get two fights this episode and Lesnar announces the following match-ups:

  • Tony Ferguson (Lesnar) vs. Justin Edwards (dos Santos)
  • Chuck O’Neil (Lesnar) vs. Zach Davis (dos Santos)

Lesnar says he thinks Tony can win the show. Tony says his first line of defense is his hands and if Justin can’t get through those, it is over for him. Lesnar says Tony has a “mean streak”, and it seems Lesnar feels an affinity with him because of that.

Justin Edwards was an alternate to an alternate and says he wasn’t even supposed to be there. Junior says Justin is one of the very best on the show and is very well-rounded.

Team dos Santos talks about Lew getting kicked off and says things must have been a lot worse than they had suspected.

Tony shows off his “dream box”, a little empty box his mom sent him that he says has his dreams in it. Tony gets his hands wrapped while wearing a suit. Stitch says he’s the best dressed fighter he has ever wrapped hands for, and Tony actually warms up for his fight wearing dress clothes and shoes.

Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Edwards

Round 1 – Leg kick from Justin and Tony lands a jab. Justin pours it on and comes forward swinging. Tony scores with a good right and they clinch. They separate and Lesnar says Justin just blew his wad. Nice uppercut from Tony. Left jab, again. Leg kick from Justin. “Stay long Tony,” says Brock. Justin gets a takedown but Tony pops up immediately. They go back to exchanging with tony getting the better of it. But Justin fires back, landing a couple good shots. Big body shot from Tony. Both guys land some big shots, it goes back-and-forth until Justin scores another takedown. Tony delivers elbows from his back with about 1:20 left in the round. Justin stands up and tries to land punches while standing over Tony. Tony delivers an up-kick right on the button and Justin falls face first to the canvas. He is out cold.

Lesnar had to watch the replay to see what caught Justin because it happened so fast. He said he didn’t even know what happened, he just saw Justin fall flat on his face. Dana White absolutely loved the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tony Ferguson def. Justin Edwards by knockout (up-kick) Rd. 1

Junior consoles Justin, tells him to hold his head up and Dana liked the fight.

Lesnar tells Chuck his opponent Zach is a “klutz”, a word I have not heard used since probably grade school. Zach says Chuck is not much of a “physical specimen”. So, according to them we have “the klutz” vs. the “weakling” facing off here.

Chuck O’Neil vs. Zach Davis

Round 1 – Zach shoots and gets the takedown right away, takes side control, Chuck gets up, eats a knee to the body and thighs. Chuck gets a body lock as they clinch against the cage. Zach pushes him against the cage, Chuck reverses the position and Zach reverses him as they exchange knees and Zach drags him to the ground. Chuck has full guard, puts his feet on the cage. Brock calls for elbows from Zach and the ref warns them to advance position. Zach stands up and lands a big body shot and kicks to the thighs as Chuck lays on his back. Chuck gets to this feet, eats a shot and Zach goes for the takedown. Chuck goes for a kimura, uses it to sweep and takes top position where he lands several blows. Zach has full guard and Chuck rains down some shots. Zach locks up a triangle choke and ends it with a quick submission. — Once again Dana is very pleased. Zach said he’s been trying to get on the show for awhile. Dana tells Chuck “good fight” but he walks right past him without saying a word or acknowledging him. Chuck is extremely disappointed.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Zach Davis def. Chuck O’Neil by submission (triangle choke) Rd. 1

Both coaches and Dana pick Justin Edwards for one of the two wildcard spots but because he was knocked out he has a 90-day suspension.

Dana and the coaches bring in all the fighters who have lost and ask them one by one if they want one of the wild card slots. Dana said none of the guys seemed terribly eager for the fight. Brock says Len would be their number one guy but thinks he has a chip on his shoulder.

And the wildcard pick is…

Javier Torres vs. Chuck O’Neil – both guys have lost, but will get another shot in this wild card fight.

Preview for next week shows that Len can’t believe he did not get picked for the wild card and finds out Brock sort of spoke against him getting it. He confronts Brock about it.

Be sure to stay tuned to on Thursday for Team dos Santos fighter Ryan McGillivray’s TUF 13 blog for episode six. Ryan will give us a behind-the-scenes breakdown of this episode just as he does each week.

See ya next week for the episode seven recap!

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