Steven Seagal on Lyoto Machida’s front kick KO of Randy Couture

For the second time in as many months a Black House fighter has knocked out their opponent with a devastating front kick to the face. At UFC 129 Saturday night, Lyoto Machida stopped Randy Couture early in the second round with a “Karate Kid” style – left fake, right front kick – that connected perfectly.

What was the common denominator in Anderson Silva and Machida’s kick, other than they are both from the same camp — well, Master Steven Seagal of course. The Aikido black belt once again talks about the front kick, how he worked on it with Machida and also answers critics who have questioned or denounced his role in teaching Silva the kick.

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2 thoughts on “Steven Seagal on Lyoto Machida’s front kick KO of Randy Couture”

  1. Pure class! Steven Seagal is a player! And anyone who hates on him is a chump. He’s oldschool baby! Just ask Randy Couture or Vitor Belfort if they think he’s legit.

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