Jose Aldo(left) will face Mark Hominick at UFC 129

The fourth fight we’ll be previewing for UFC 129 is a featherweight title bout where Jose Aldo will look to defend his title against challenger Mark Hominick.

Mark Hominick brings a career record of (20-8) with 9 wins via TKO/KO and 7 wins via submission. Hominick has won 7 of his last 8 with the lone loss coming against Josh Grispi in 2008. Hominick is primarily a kickboxer, but has improved his submission skills over the years as well. He brings an technical but aggressive approach to his striking game and has good cardio.

Jose Aldo brings a career record of (18-1) with 12 wins via TKO/KO and 2 wins via submission. Aldo hasn’t lost since 2005 and has won 11 straight fights. Aldo is powerful and well rounded with very good striking ability as well as being a blackbelt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He can fight anywhere the fight goes and displays an incredible ability to explode and put opponents away.

Linesmaker has Aldo as the betting favorite at (-500) and Hominick as the huge underdog at (+300).

Hominick has a tall task in front of him here. As I mentioned, he’s primarily a kickboxer so he’s going to have to win this fight on the feet. I doubt he could take Aldo down even if he wanted to. Hominick’s offense will be his best defense as he’ll want to pressure Aldo with his striking, landing accurate combinations for five rounds. However, he’ll have to be ready to avoid a being taken down by the larger Brazilian blackbelt. I know Hominick has improved his submission game, but 5 of his 8 losses have been via submission.

Aldo is a dynamic striker with killer leg kicks and the ability to swarm with lighting fast strikes when he smells blood in the water. While Hominick may be more technical, the power edge certainly goes to Aldo here. I think Aldo’s size and power will wear down Hominick over the course of the first couple of rounds with Aldo eventually taking this to the ground to exploit Hominick’s submission defense or punish him from the top position with strikes and elbows.

While Hominick is certainly a game opponent and will be looking to bring the fight to Aldo, this fight should be all Aldo.

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