What is different?

In an attempt to create an even better system for tracking the fighters in this region, we’ve implemented a policy that officially enlists the help of some of the folks that are most involved in the MMA scene in the Carolinas. Using an AP or Coaches Poll format, we will be getting official feedback from promoters, matchmakers and others familiar with the regional scene.

Instead of informal feedback, like we have used in the past, our new rankings structure will actually give a vote to these individuals so that fighters aren’t just being recognized for their hard work by this website, they’re also being recognized by their peers. Beginning with this round of rankings, we’ve implemented this new format and there have already been a few shakeups. Although there will never be a comprehensive list of rankings in any sport that everyone will agree with, this new process should offer a more “consensus” viewpoint. As time goes on, we hope to get as many folks as possible throughout North and South Carolina contributing to help formulate these rankings.

The MMA scene in this region continues to grow and such a system could have some value for fans, fighters and matchmakers alike. This list represents fighters from this area that actively compete close to home and those that are fighting outside of this region. There will inevitably be fighters that are currently between the amateur and professional ranks that are not yet represented within these rankings. There will also be fighters that are very talented but haven’t been active enough recently to reflect in the list.

We will highlight at least a few fighters in each weight class and our goal is to bring recognition to many of the fighters in our region (veterans and prospects) that are putting in lots of hard work. We realize that compiling a ranking like this is very subjective so we’ve attempted to gather a consensus of opinions in helping to develop these rankings. We’d like to hear feedback from others and would like the continued help of the MMA community across the region to help improve the rankings and make them as accurate as possible.



Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Keith Bell 2 1 0 NC 50.0%
Josh Lening 2 3 0 NC 78.3%
Steven Banks 6 6 0 SC 61.8%
Jeremy Holm 1 1 0 NC 55.6%
John Juarez 1 2 0 SC 77.8%


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Rodney Wallace 11 4 0 NC 71.3%
Kelly Anundson 3 0 0 SC 45.5%
John Richard 3 2 0 SC 48.5%
Chris  McNally 4 3 0 SC 74.4%
Tomar Washington 5 1 0 SC 33.8%

Also take note of: Zachary Klouse (2-0) NC


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Nissen Osterneck 9 3 0 SC 60.3%
Derek Brunson 6 0 0 NC 50.0%
Josh Eagans 6 1 0 SC 56.4%
Roger Carroll 9 5 0 NC 60.8%
Adam DeHart 1 1 0 NC 66.7%

Also take note of: Brian McGinnis (3-2) NC


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Will Estes 4 0 0 NC 44.0%
Jake Whitfield 5 1 0 NC 51.1%
Derrick Kennington 6 2 0 SC 53.9%
Johnny  Buck 9 7 0 NC 57.6%
Stephen Thompson 3 0 0 SC 54.5%

Also take note of: Dustin Chovanic (6-2) NC; Frank Waszut (2-1) NC


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Jason Palacios 9 6 0 NC 57.8%
Jordan Rinaldi 4 0 0 NC 50.0%
Jacob Allman 3 0 0 NC 40.0%
Jon  Owens 8 2 0 SC 52.6%
Jason Hicks 3 0 0 SC 22.0%

Also take note of: Chris Clodfelter (9-6) NC; George Hickman (1-0) NC;

Joseph Carroll (3-6) NC; Keith Richardson (3-2) SC; Sylvain Bynum (4-2) NC;

Ronnie Rogers (6-5) SC


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Jarrod  Card 13 5 1 NC 57.0%
Jim  Carey 4 1 0 NC 54.5%
Christopher Cain 2 1 0 SC 56.3%
Jerrod Sanders 2 1 0 NC 57.1%
Justin Dalton 6 4 0 NC 46.3%

Also take note of: Bill Metts (2-1) NC; Casey Johnson (2-0) NC


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Brandon Garner 8 1 1 NC 51.2%
Preston Marks 5 3 0 NC 71.4%
Tim Goodwin 5 3 0 SC 57.9%
Nate Davis 1 0 0 NC 66.7%
Matt Tran 2 1 0 SC 33.3%

Also take note of: Keith Hulin (1-1)



Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Marlone Smith 8 2 0 NC 43.8%
Keith Baldwin 2 0 0 NC 50.0%
Brian Amey 2 0 0 NC 50.0%
Walter Smith 1 1 0 NC 43.8%
Grant  Austin 4 1 0 NC 16.7%


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Marvin Skipper 5 0 0 SC 50.0%
Brandon Beach 4 1 0 NC 58.8%
Chris Sutton 5 1 0 NC 63.2%
William Moss 6 0 0 NC 40.0%
Kris Kennedy 4 2 0 NC 51.9%

Also take note of: Cliff Thompson (2-0) NC


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Ricky  Rainey 5 0 0 NC 47.1%
Jeremy Perdue 3 0 0 NC 68.4%
Chris Crawford 6 3 0 NC 52.7%
Samuel Vanderslice 5 0 0 NC 50.0%
Christian Sinnott 2 0 0 NC 0.0%

Also take note of: Blake Queen (5-2) NC; Andre Adams (4-1) NC


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Vincent Alberico 4 0 0 NC 57.1%
Nick Smith 5 1 0 NC 57.6%
Joseph Corneroli 6 2 0 NC 66.7%
Mike Corvino 5 2 0 SC 59.1%
Matthew Cheatham 5 0 0 NC 26.3%

Also take note of: Cody Wilson (4-1) SC; Micah Lail (9-6) NC;

Robert Kirkpatrick (5-1) NC


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Jason  Lineberger 4 3 0 NC 69.8%
Amos Collins 10 2 0 SC 51.4%
Harley Ferris 3 0 0 NC 66.7%
Jeff Loken 6 1 0 NC 65.9%
Blake Risk 5 0 0 NC 20.7%

Also take note of: Michael Pagano (4-0) NC; Ryne Ford (3-0) NC


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
J.J. Brantley 6 0 0 NC 37.0%
Mike Powell 5 0 0 NC 57.9%
Christian Brunetti 4 0 0 NC 46.7%
Chris Burns 6 1 0 NC 56.1%
Carlos Vivas 4 1 0 SC 55.0%


Name Wins Losses Draws State Opp. Win %
Varon Webb 9 3 1 NC 57.3%
Me’Shack Adams 3 1 0 NC 64.0%
Matthew Coakley 7 4 0 NC 68.6%
Solon Staley 6 2 0 SC 35.3%
Kenneth Crowder 2 0 0 NC 33.3%

Our last month’s rankings can be found here if you want to compare. Feel free to drop your comments or own rankings in the comments section.

By Kelvin Hunt

Kelvin is a father and former collegiate baseball player with a degree in physical education from UNC-Pembroke. He's an avid MMA fan that has been writing about the sport since 2008 through various outlets. His favorite fighter is Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira due to the heart he has displayed throughout his legendary MMA career. In his spare time (there is none with three kids), he likes to work out and also likes to follow college football recruiting. You can email him at kelvinhunt@hotmail.com and you can follow him on twitter at @KelvinHuntMMA

13 thoughts on “April 2011 Pro MMA Now Consensus NC/SC professional and amateur rankings”
  1. Ricky Rainey doesn’t have the wrestling skills to hang with Jeremy Perdue. If Jeremy can get healthy, I’d love to see that fight. Also, Denison Paiva not even mentioned in 185 ammy rankings is crazy. The kid won NAGA Charlotte Absolute No-Gi and will make noise in 2011, guaranteed. Who are these voters anyway? I want to vote! I think these votes should be made public so we can see what people are thinking…but that’s just me.

  2. I agree with Joseph Rinaldi, because whoever is voting needs to leave North Carolina somethimes. I like to know how anyone could Derek Brunson jump Josh Eagans in the PRO 185 weight class. I guess opponents winning % don’t count for nothing. I’m not taking anything away from Derek Brunson, because he is exciting with all the flips and stuff but the his last fight was a nobody. Josh Eagans last fight was against Jason Law (2-0) who called out Josh! Josh finished the fight in the first round in 32 seconds, and gets jumped in the rankings. Great Job voters!!!!!


    HWT class is missing one “Adrian A-Train Henderson” who is 1-1. A-Train only lost is to John Richard who was undeated as amateur before turning PRO, and it was
    A-Trains first fight. His last fight Willy Butler 2-2 end in a 1st round TKO. A-trains Opponents winning % over 50% and you have people ranked with opp win% 43% & 16.7%. I think it’s got to get better or quit ranking!

  3. Wrestling skills? Does Anderson Silva need any wrestling skills to be p4p king or to hang with other ranked fighters? dude you sound like a joke…this is MMA not Wrestling. Rankings go by performance thats why Ricky is number 1.

  4. Johnny – are you comparing Ricky Rainey to The Spider? BJJ and wrestling are two very different things. Silva is a high level black belt and yet you saw what happened when a wrestler got a hold of him. Took 5 rounds to submit him and he took a beating in the process. Not to mention, Silva thrives in the stand-up game but has great BJJ talent to fall back on. In NC ammy, it is even more difficult to overcome a dominant wrestler because of the restrictions on striking. I meant no disrespect. Rainey is a talented fighter but he is not a BJJ specialist or a wrestler and if you look at fights in NC ammy, the advantage goes to pure wrestlers. I watched first hand when my brother was beaten by Colt Howell. Even though he inflicted more damage, he couldn’t stop the takedowns and lost a decision. Again, no disrespect, was just stating my opinion that Jeremy’s wrestling would be too strong. As for performance, they are both undefeated and Jeremy has wins over Nick Smith and the 2-0 pro 205 lb Zach Klouse.

  5. We’ll see if this Coakley dude should be ranked higher then me on May 21st. Yea, I understand the numbers. Most of my comp. haven’t had many fights. When I run through this kid, I wanna make sure I’ve got somewhere to read about. First round K.O. if he stands, if not we know how I handle wrestlers. Peace and Love. C ya at the Beach.

  6. Joseph, thanks for the feedback. The folks that submitted votes with Kelvin and I are Ryan Hayes, Jeremy Owens and Michael Allen. Next go round I’m going to try to add Sam King and, possibly, Brett Moses and others.

    Donny, a good case could be made for either Josh or Derek. The truth is that they’re both awesome talents, in my opinion. The majority opinion in this go-round was Derek, but the truth is that they’re both awesome. Nissen will probably drop soon due to lack of activity. You’re correct about Henderson being talented. I’ll try to make sure that he’s considered by everyone next time. As for the higher % fighter always being ranked higher by consensus voters, I can think of other real world examples where the fighter with the lower opponent win % would be rankd higher by most everyone but you’re correct that it shouldn’t work out that way most of the time.

    The more feedback we can get from all you guys the better.

  7. Thanks for the insight on voting…I was just busing Breads chops cause I know he votes, haha. These rankings are great but for a fighter, you can’t live by them, just work to confirm them or cast doubt on them depending on where you are ranked and how you perform. I really appreciate all the work you and Kelvin put in on this! Gives me something to do on breaks at work. Watching Jordan beast Dennis Bermudez again to hold me over until he can fight again. Go watch it if you haven’t already people!


    Rich, thanks for the kind words. Taking Jordan to rehab tomorrow for a session. Should be walking in the next few weeks and if he heals right, we will look for a late 2011/early 2012 return to the cage. He is in good spirits and hungry to train! WAR RINALDI!

  8. I think with all the variables that you guys did a great job with the rankings.

    Interesting to see the changes each year to the list. This year should be no difference as Heavyweight Pro Jeremy Stevens(4-3) makes his return starting June 24th in Charleston for Conflict-MMA, Blaine Thomas makes his Pro debut for Michael Allen and Kenny Letts @ Fight Lab, and the ISKA titles on the line on May 21st. Best thing is -these are before July hits the Carolinas.

  9. First, thank you for having my opinion in this Kelvin and Rich. Second, Joseph you make valid comments concerning Jeremy and Ricky. As stated these rankings for the most part are hypothetical and usually the truth presents itself in the cage. Unfortunately, we will more than likely ever see Perdue and Rainey in the cage as they train for united camps on Team R.O.C. and renegade. One fight is not worth destroying one of the best training ideas in the southeast. As for the rest of the rankings we should be getting ready to do another series soon and alot of the questions should be answered by year end. I know that at Fight Lab we are doing our part to pout some of these match ups together. One intriguing weight class for me is the amateur 145. J.J. Brantley, Michael powell and Christian Brunetti have captured the imaginations of the regional mma fans with outstanding performances. On August 6 Brunetti will return to the Fight lab cage to unify his belt against Michael Powell. Talks to get the winner against J.J. are in the works as we speak.

  10. Lots of great things going on with MMA in the carolinas. I would like to see Pat Defranco in the ammy 170 rankings, he just beat mike Corvino for the ISKA SC state championship, he’s undefeated and getting better and better training with Matt Serra. Keep up the good work Kelvin!!

  11. Ya know, I really don’t agree with putting Will Estes in front of Jake Whitfield…… It doesn’t make any sense.

  12. Aaron…they are fighting one another on the CFP card taking place July 30th in Fayetteville, NC. It’ll be settled then…thanks for the support!

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