product review: Leglocks I app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Quick demonstrating a heel hook from the Leglock app.

Brandon Quick is a prominent name in the BJJ world. For more information on Quick, take a minute to go back and check out the profile I did on him shortly after joining You can also take an inside look into his successful Fade to Black DVD set and his Chokes app for the iphone.

In spite of the fact that Quick is busy expanding his Trinity Combat Academy to other states and countries, working on an MMA promotion, and teaching his loyal army of students everyday, Quick is still working to provide affordable and effective brazilian jiu jitsu instruction to the masses in an easy to use format.

To this end, Quick has teamed up with Killer Apps to release a line of applications for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, with a release for the popular Android coming soon.

I recently had the chance to review one of the most recent release, Leglocks I. The application is broken down into an introduction and seven subsequent sections: Basics, Kneebar, Calf Crush, Ankle Lock, Toe Hold, Heel Hook, and Leg Lace.

All of the sections demonstrate two techniques, except for Basics, which has six, and Kneebar, which has three. Each technique averages around two minutes, during which Quick explains the particular technique first in a slower motion, emphasizing all of the intricacies that make the submission possible. He then demonstrates it from an opposite side view, then at a faster speed. Quick also points out things that practitioners do not want to do that would compromise the position.

These applications are not meant to be a complete substitute for formal BJJ training, but they do provide some excellent guidance on techniques in a portable, easy to access format.  And at $3.99, you can get a good amount of instruction for less than what most people spend on a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

After a video finishes, you have the option of replaying it or returning to the prior menu. These applications are not as comprehensive as his DVD series, but they are also not as expensive. The Leglocks I app is available on iTunes for $3.99. The Armbars and Chokes apps are also available for $3.99 each, and Sweeps, the first gi application, is available for $.99. Additionally, an app on BJJ basics is currently in the works.

For more information on Quick and his school, visit Trinity Combat Academy, and for more information on Killer Apps, visit, or follow Killer Apps on Facebook.

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