With the Team Lesnar win from episode 2, control now rests with Brock to select who gets in the Octagon next. The episode starts with a training session for Team Lesnar, and it’s apparent that some of the team is offended over Brock’s “chicken [expletive] to chicken salad” comments.

Brock sees that Len Bentley seems to have somewhat of an attitude during training, and recognizes that his comments may have offended some of his guys. Coach Lesnar decides to gather the team to explain exactly what he means by the “chicken [expletive]” reference.

Justin Edwards is the next alternate to get his shot on the show after the sudden departure of Keon from Team Dos Santos last week. Assistant coach Lew Polley has decided that the team has been just a little bit too relaxed and soft in training. Polley immediately makes changes and ramps up the intensity in the first training session of this episode.

“You guys are entirely to nice when it comes to competition,” said Polley. “Get it out of your head that you have to be nice, [expletive] that, let’s get better. How do you get ready for a fight? You [expletive] fight.”

Shamar Bailey is the first casualty of the intensified training, suffering a cut while rolling with a teammate. Bailey gets patched up and it’s time for the next fight pick.

Brock wastes no time with his fight pick from his team, selecting Len Bentley to face ProMMAnow.com blogger and team Dos Santos fighter Ryan McGillivray.

Coach Dos Santos believes that Bentley has an advantage with his wrestling, but that McGillivray will have the advantage on the feet.

At the house, Team Lesnar is hanging out by the fire discussing that although Chris won the fight for the team, that they have a bit of concern that he tends to hang out with Team Dos Santos a little too much.

Len Bentley gets in some training and lets the viewers know that his love for martial arts started with karate, and that is what transitioned him toward MMA. He also shares his beliefs that fighters aren’t made, but that they are born.

After training, Len is concerned that Chris Cope may give the other team specifics about his game plan and tells Brock about it. Brock tells him to not be concerned about what Chris may or may not say to Team Dos Santos, and instead concentrate on what he will be doing in the cage.

At the Team Dos Santos training session, assistant coach Lew Polley decides that he wants to rotate all of the guys for 15 minutes at a time, including Ryan McGillivray who is fighting next. Junior addresses the issue immediately and reminds him that he is the assistant coach and that these types of decisions need to go through him first.

Ryan McGillivray– like Keon who quit last week– also has a daughter at home, but his daughter motivates him to stay and try to win the competition instead of quitting to go home. Ryan’s initially pre-weighs in at 180, so Lew gets him into weight cutting mode.

Ryan cuts the weight with a good attitude, and with his coaches by his side, making just one request. He wants the picture of his daughter in his corner during the fight.

At the weigh ins, Ryan makes 170 after rapidly dropping the extra ten pounds. Len also weighs in at 170.

Brock explains to Len that he has had some personal issues arise, and will miss his fight. Len admits later at the house that he’s a bit nervous but feels good. Len is still concerned about his game plan being compromised, so in his hast training session, he ensures that it’s only himself and the coaches present to make the final touches to the plan prior to the bout.

Ryan explains that he only concerns himself with what he controls, and that external factors, including who he is fighting hardly ever crosses his mind. His daughter is on his mind as always, and he looks very relaxed going into the fight.

It’s fight time!

Len Bentley (Team Lesnar) vs. Ryan McGillivray (Team Dos Santos)

Round 1 – Len comes out swinging first, but Ryan circles out and lands a jab. Another jab from Ryan. Len comes forward with a kick to the body and after a quick exchange, he lands a big left hook that drops Ryan.

Len lands a couple of big shots and tries to move to full mount and does. Ryan rolls and gives up his back, then scrambles and retains guard. He seems to have recovered nicely now. Len lands some shots from the top, and Ryan is reaching for a leg. Len is scoring with short, left elbows as Ryan holds onto his leg.

Len postures up, and Ryan retains his guard again and is looking to control the posture of Len. Ryan kicks off, and Len stands and backs away.

Back to the feet now. Len looks a little tired. Len is scoring with leg kicks, and Ryan is countering with right hands. Ryan is going back to his jab, then scores to the body. Ryan is moving his feet and head much more now.

Back to the body by Ryan. Len is missing with a lot of his punches now. Ryan comes forward and lands a big right cross. He follows up and drops Len with a left hook. Ryan pounces, and is working the body of Len now.

Ryan is walking Len to the cage now. Len swings his hips for a submission attempt, but Ryan puts him on the cage. Len goes for the arm bar and may have it. Ryan is defending well, then tries to roll out and he’s in trouble. His arm is completely extended.

He scrambles and is out of danger. Ryan now has the neck of Len and is going for a choke with 20 seconds to go. Len looks like he might tap! He doesn’t and survives to see Round 2. Great first round of action!

Round 2 – Ryan looks fresher, and comes out establishing his jab. Len is going back to his leg kicks like he did in the first round. Ryan clips Len again with the left hook, then follows up with a nice overhand right. Ryan is beating Len to the punch with the jab. Good exchange from both guys.

Len is landing his kicks but is missing with a lot of his punches. Another jab lands from Ryan. The left hook is also landing. Len just misses with a spinning backfist as Ryan comes forward.

Ryan lands with a right hand, comes forward and executes a nice four-punch combo. Ryan now looking for the takedown against the cage. Len is seated and Ryan snatches his legs out and puts him on his back. Len quickly works back to his feet but is still on the cage.

It’s clinch time now with the guys alternating time against the cage. Len fires a couple of knees to the body before disengaging. More jabs from Ryan. Len answers with more kicks. Big uppercut lands from Ryan. Both guys look tired, but Len looks more fatigued.

To the center of the cage. Ryan misses with a looping left hand, and Len scores with a short right hand. Both guys land with 20 seconds to go. With 10 seconds to go, Ryan triples up his jab and scores with a right hand. Great finish to a great fight.

Will there be a third?

Ryan’s corner shows him the picture of his daughter and he seems to gain strength immediately. There will be no extra round. We have a winner.

The scores are in (19-19, 18-20, 18-20). The majority decision goes to Ryan McGillivray.

Len is disappointed after the loss, but UFC president Dana White pays him a visit to tell him that he should be proud of his effort.

Ryan is visibly emotional after the fight in the locker room as Coach Dos Santos holds the picture of his daughter and tells him she will be proud of his fight.

“Sitting there with my daughter when this airs is going to mean a lot to me,” said McGillivray. “It’s going to mean a lot, that’s all I can say.”

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