Strikeforce done working with CAMO

Strikeforce will no longer feature amateur bouts on their cards. MMAWeekly was able to confirm the change with Strikeforce Director of Communication Mike Afromowitz.

After purchasing Strikeforce, Zuffa has insisted on allowing the promotion to continue with “business as usual” and for the most part they have. This, and the future inclusion of elbows strikes on the ground, are the only noticeable changes.

In the past, Strikeforce had featured amateur bouts on their under cards under the direction of the California Amateur MMA Organization (CAMO). The non-profit corporation is run by former Elite XC executives Jeremy Lappen and JT Steele and was approved as the governing body by the CSAC.

UFC president Dana White has said on many occasions that he sees amateur MMA as a way to promote fights without properly compensating the fighters. He also has a long history with Lappen. Even before he worked with Elite XC, the UFC had Lappen ejected from UFC 61 due to his association with the WFA.

Dana White on Amateur MMA