Wanderlei Silva's reaction is priceless when Michael Schiavello confronts him with this infamous photo of he and Shogun. - Do you buy Silva's explanation? Is it a fake?

Sometimes in a person’s life there comes a point when you have to answer for something you did that is incredibly shameful and degrading.

For instance, there was that phase of my life when I became obsessed with stockpiling fireworks. The only problem was I was about seven or eight and had no job or money.

But I was an excellent snooper and discovered my mom had saved a whole box of antique real silver dollars in a secret drawer on her dresser.

Little by little, taking only one or two silver dollars at a time and then walking to the local firework stand by my house, I began to purchase and stockpile an arsenal of bottle rockets, roman candles and firecrackers.

I can’t recall what gave it away. It was likely the overwhelming fragrance of gun-powder coming from her young pre-teen son’s room that caused my mother to look under my bed and find my stash of awesome explosives.

But it was when she realized how I was able to purchase my ammo that was most disturbing and shaming. It was then she had to accept her little boy was a full-fledged delinquent. And I had to accept the humiliation of knowing I loved blowing things up more than my mother.

Now you know how “The Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva must have felt when Michael Schiavello makes him answer for an incriminating photograph that shows two of the world’s “supposedly” toughest men in a compromising position.

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