UFC 128 results: Nate Marquardt grinds out a win against Dan Miller

Nate Marquardt(left) outclassed Dan Miller at UFC 128

The UFC 128 middleweight bout between Nate Marquardt and Dan Miller went down just about how you expected it to. Marquardt was able to outclass Miller on the feet while stuffing almost all of Miller’s take-downs.

Miller threatened with a guillotine choke a couple of times in the first and second rounds, but Marquardt defended well and proceeded to land ground and pound inside of Miller’s guard every time the fight went to the ground.  

Marquardt landed big right hands repeatedly during the fight as well as a couple of head kicks. It really was a one-sided affair while the fight was on the feet. Miller was able to land a couple of legs kicks but he was too busy defending everything Marquardt was throwing at him to be offensive. 

The third round was all Marquardt as he got a a take-down after stuffing a Miller take-down attempt. Marquardt postured up and landed nice right hands and elbows while Miller attempted to work a high guard as the bell sounded.

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