Diego Sanchez(right) and Martin Kampmann fought an all out war at UFC Live 3

Wow. That was an incredible fight as the UFC Live 3 main event.

I wrote in the preview for this fight that if Diego Sanchez couldn’t take Martin Kampmann down, he’d be in for a long night.

That’s exactly what happened as Kampmann stopped all but one take-down attempt from Sanchez. That one take-down may have cost him the fight.

The fight began and it was clear that Kampmann was the superior striker and repeatedly hit Diego with strikes and counter-strikes.

He was able to drop Sanchez in the first round, but Sanchez showed why he is one of the most durable fighters in the UFC. He continued to come forward as he was bleeding heavily from the mouth and nose.

It looked like it was going to be a relatively easy win for Kampmann. However, in the second round Diego began to mix it up a bit more and he would shoot for take-downs and then flurry when he gave up on them.

He turned the fight into a brawl and managed to cut Kampmann above his eye in one of the exchanges. Also, later in the round Sanchez buckled Kampmann’s knees with a big right hand. Kampmann landed his share of strikes as well.

The third round saw Sanchez still coming forward as a bloody mess. He continued to flurry on Kampmann, leaping into punches and going for more take-downs. He managed to shoot and get in deep on Kampmann’s legs against the cage and take him down.

He briefly had side-control and landed maybe one or two punches before Kampmann got back to his feet. Kampmann tagged Sanchez with a huge right hand, but that punch seemed to injure Kampmann’s hand as he shook it afterwards.

He didn’t really throw that right hand anymore, but the fight was almost done at that point.

The judges awarded Sanchez the unanimous decision victory. Kampmann was adamant speaking about how he thought he won the fight in his post-fight interview.

I thought the judges scored it right. I gave Kampmann the first round hands down. However, I thought Sanchez pushed the pace the entire fight, landed heavy shots himself, and that take-down in the final round sealed the deal for him.

Diego won that fight on sheer heart, grit, and determination. Great fight!

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