Don’t be fooled by the “author” of this post.  That jackass takes credit for everything.  Mike Menninger here at Midwest Hoops in Florence, KY… getting back to my roots to live blog the sh** out of this thing.  Make sure you REFRESH often!

Boys and girls, if I spell any of the fighters’ names wrong, you can call Jack Bratcher and bitch to him, because I don’t care.  Seriously though, I’ve got the fight card, and I’m using that.  So if I got it wrong, so did “The Man.”  My apologies.  And every fight is an ammy fight, unless otherwise noted.

Stay tuned…


7:36 – As the crowd filters in, A.Ham comes through in the clutch with a brisket sandwich for yours truly.  Dinner time, homies.

7:41 – Sweet lord, that was delicious.

7:43 – No Drowning Pool yet.  I’m a little disappointed in the DJ.

7:48 – He just put a loud speaker in my goddamn ear.  Is he reading the live blog??

7:51 – Pretty good crowd so far.  And they’re serving beer.  I wonder if there will be any unsanctioned fights tonight?

7:52 – Actually, there’s a full bar.  There is just no way I don’t live blog better after a few Jaeger bombs.  No freaking way…

7:55 – Fog machine in full effect.  I miss college.

7:57 – Fights set to start at 8 o’clock.  Over/under on actual start time, I’m putting at 8:16.

7:58 – A.Ham says what I was just thinking… “God, I love Nickelback!”  Every good MMA event should sound pretty close to what you’d find in a strip club*.  It’s MMA DJ-ing 101, really.

8:00 – *So I’ve heard… (if my wife is reading this)

8:04 – Sitting next to Scott the Judge.  He’s ready.

8:06 – Given the look of this place, you’d never guess that a couple hours ago, there was girls volleyball going on.  Quite the transformation up in this bitch.

8:11 – For anyone who to the OVER at 8:16, things are looking good.  Also, if you found a book to take that bet, e-mail me at [email protected].

8:12 – Also, Scott the Judge is actually a judge tonight.  I’m no wiz at giving people nicknames, in case that wasn’t obvious.

8:14 – In case you’re unfamiliar with my style, and I bet you are, I will refer to fighters by their initials when I give the play-by-play, because it sucks to type so much so fast.  And I’ll update between rounds, after I’ve had a chance to correct the lion’s share of my many typos.

8:16 – Seriously, bro… you think I want to type “Weisenberger” or “Mierzwiak” over and over?  It took me a full 120 seconds to type this entry anyway.

8:17 – Also, pay the OVER riiiiiiiight…. NOW!

8:18 – Down with the Sickness on for the 2nd time in the last 15 minutes.  Apparently I’m still on the DJ’s sh**-list.

8:20 – Reminds me of my weddding, when the DJ had a hard-on for Funky Cold Medina.  I think he played that sh** 3 times during the reception.

8:21 – No nevermind that I told him to.  Have some integrity, man!

8:23 – Lotta bro-hugs going on tonight.

8:24 – PA tells us that all fighters are to report to the back.  Wow… absolutely demolished the OVER.  Maybe I shouldn’t be the one handicapping it.

8:26 – Finishing touches on the lighting going on.  Ref Chris Kinman is doing a lap.  Ring girls have been located (thank God).  We’re just about ready to get going here, it looks like.

8:27 – Oh wait… “Hexagon Girls”… that’s right.

8:29 – Lights come down, crowd cheers!  Strobes flashing.  Epileptic seizures beginning.

8:30 – Announcer Rick Toms, in his signature tux, steps into the cage to introduce the evening.  He explains the rounds, then thanks Cage Passion fight wear.  Also, the fights are being broadcast live on… nevermind… I’m not telling you.

8:31 – Hexagon Girls are announced.  They have names.  I guess.

8:33 – Jamie Rich sings the national anthem.  Beautifully, I might add.  Now we’ve got a sporting event, boys and girls!

8:34 – Apparently we’re getting introduced to all the fighters now, and then again (twice!) when they fight.  I’m gonna sit this one out.  I’ll be back in a minute.

8:35 – Before I go, I just wanted to clarify… I was being sarcastic about the whole Nickelback thing.  OK, I feel better.

8:40 – The lighting here is pretty damn good.  I’m impressed.  I’ll give them a shoutout later when I figure out who’s doing it.

8:43 – First fight of the night: Adam Cogswell (AC) against Jon Christian (JC).  Featherweight (145lbs.) bout.

8:44 – Apparently Cogswell is getting re-taped now… in the cage… and we’ve heard all 9 minutes of Master of Puppets.

8:45 – JC comes out to Drowning Pool.  Thank God.  I was getting itchy.

ROUND 1 – Hello Hexagon Girl!  No touching gloves.  JC body kicks, but gets taken straight down.  As he falls, he grabs a guillotine, and AC is struggling to survive.  AC covers JC”s mouth and posturesup.  JC has him in full guard, squeezing.  AC pops his head out and starts to drop some GnP.  Still  in full guard.  AC works to keep position, but JC does a good job of controlling his posture.  Pretty well stalled in full guard.  AC looks to be working for an armbar, but gives up.  They shift around on the mat, AC still in JC’s guard.  No damage being done.  Now JC looks to be working for an armbar, getting his legs across AC’s chest,  JC rolls, but AC rolls with, surviving the armbar attempt.  AC on top, wary of his arm still.  AC’s arm still locked in, but he’s protecting it.  AC’s corner tells him to hold it there, and he pulls his arm out as the horn sounds. PM gives round 1 to AC.

ROUND 2 – They meet in the middle, and AC drags JC down.  The pop back up.  JC falls to the mat, and AC scrambles for top position.  JC grabbing an angle for potential leg lock.  AC looks to get one too.  As they lay on the mat, AC throws a kick to the head of JC, and Kinman takes a point away from him.  AC’s corner says, “Fu** him.”  Whatever that means.  Both corners get admonished by the BWA to not coach.  And the crowd starts clapping, cheering both fighters on.  Action resumes.  They throw quickly, and AC rolls and drops JC.  They pop up,  and back down.  AC has an arm triangle, but JC escapes.  As they scramble, AC takes JC’s back.  He’s working to get the hooks in. AC throws some punches from JC’s back as he tries to stretch him out.  Lot of unanswered punches from the top.  AC rolls him, but can’t quite get the hooks fully in.  JC shifts to top position, and AC almost gets a triangle.  AC postures, but JC holds him down.  Another round for AC, but with the point, 9-9.

ROUND 3 – We have a new Hexagon Girl.  Neat!  Still no touching gloves.  JC throws a head kick, that lands softly.  They clinch, and JC pushed AC against the cage.  JC looking for a double, but AC has good balance here.  AC throws a knee, and pulls guard.  AC looking for rubber guard and throws some shots from the bottom.  JC postures and throws some GnP.  AC grabs guard again quickly.  JC seems happy to lay in guard for the moment.  Now he throws some shots.  He’s riding the crowd’s cheering.  Now AC grabs an arm for an armbar, but JC pulls his arm out.  JC in side control after the scramble, and now to full mount.  AC rolls and JC throws some more GnP.  AC covers up.  Not a lot in JC’s punches, but he’s scoring.  AC rolls back to his back, and then again to his stomach.  JC looks to get the rear naked choke.  AC gives the thumbs up to Kinman… he’s apparently OK.  Horn sounds.  JC gets the third round.  Could be a draw here.

9:00 – JC throws up in the cage.  Lovely.  Glad it was on the other side, not mine.

9:02 – Worst job of the night… the guy who has to clean up the vomit.  Bad times, bro.

9:04 – Unfortunate turn of events for the Blue Corner fighters tonight.  Has to be a psychological edge for the Red Corner, yes?

RESULT – Majority decision for Jon Christian.  Wow.  Didn’t see that coming.  Maybe puking got the pity vote?  Not too many ammy fights go the distance.  This was a good one too.  Props to both guys.  Now get Jon some Pedialyte!

9:10 – FYI, a majority decision is where 2 judges score it for one fighter, and the third scores it a draw.  I bet you learned something tonight.

9:11 – Next fight: Adam Prince (AP) against Matt McDaniel (MM).  We’ve got a Heavyweight (265lbs.) fight on our hands.  These guys aren’t at the heavy end of the division either.

ROUND 1 – Touch gloves.  MM throws a kick, but slips.  AP looks to pounce, but backs off.  MM shoves him away.  MM throws a body kick, and AP lands a hard overhand right to counter, putting AP’s light’s OUT!  Kinman waves AP off.

RESULT – Adam Prince KOs Matt McDaniel at 0:46 in the first round.  Prince says he’s dropping to 205, he says.  Makes sense.

9:16 – That was much, much faster than the last fight.  And no one puked.  Things are looking up at AAMMA XI.

9:17 – Rick gives me and a plug.  I rule.

9:18 – Next fight announced: Derrick Weisenberger (DW) against Brandon Windisch (BW).  Another Featherweight bout.

9:20 – Some a-hole just spilled a drink behind me.  Also, just learned that the first bout was ruled a majority DRAW, not majority decision.  I’ll explain later.  Maybe things aren’t looking so far up after all.

ROUND 1 – touch gloves  BW throws a leg kick.  Circling.  Big left from BW.  DW grabs him and slams him.  BW works for the guillotine.  DW wraps his legs around him and holds him down.  BW posturing, staying alive.  DW holds onto the guillotine but BW able to pop his head out.  Now in full guard.  DW controlling the head and working the rubber guard.  Maybe looking or an armbar, but BW postures up.  BW looking to pass into side control, but DW holds guard.  They scramble and stand, and DW  drags hi,m back down.  DW now on top in full guard, throwing some body shots as the horn sounds.  Round for DW in my eyes.

ROUND 2 – Touch gloves again.  Circling.  Body kick from DW.  BW throws a right that just misses.  More circling.  Body kick from BW.  Fake switch kick from BW.  Overhand left from BW.  BR shoots in, pushes DW against the cage and drags him down.  They fall and BW lands in top position.  DW has BW in half guard.  BW working for position.  DW gets a body triangle from bottom and somehow grabs a guillotine.  BW taps.  Wow!

RESULT – Derrick Weisenberger submits Brandon Windisch via guillotine at 1:22 into Round 2.

9:29 – DJ Cincy with the music and lighting.  Meh… 1 for 2.

9:30 – Next fight: Matt “The Punk” Perkins (MP) against Ryan Robert (RR).  Welterweight (170lbs.) bout.

9:32 – So, it turns out they play metal music at MMA events.  Huh.  Who knew?

9:33 – Hey there, Hexagon Girl’s ass.  How are you?

ROUND 1 – Touch gloves.  RR shoots in, shoves MP, and tries to overwhelm MP with punches.  MP looks to survive the rush, but RR lands a HUGE right hand that drops MP.  MP okay, but understandably disappointed.

RESULT – Ryan Robert defeats “The Punk” via KO at 0:10 in the “VERY FIRST ROUND.”  Gotta summon my inner Bruce Buffer.

9:36 – Next fight before the first intermission: Anthony Stamm (AS) against Virgil Lackey III (3).  3 may have the least fighter-sounding name I’ve ever heard.  No knock on him as a fighter.  But I think he needs a nickname.  This a Lightweight (155lbs.) fight.  Tip one to the little guys tonight, y’all.

9:39 – AS fighting out of Team Genocide.  That’s right.  Get your Team Genocide gear, everyone.  Make friends everywhere you go!

ROUND 1 – touch glove.  Circling.  3 throws a knee, and AS shoots in for the clinch.  They fall to the mat, with AS in 3’s guard.  Scramble, and 3 takes top position.  3 looks to take AS’s back.  3 throwing some punches and knees from the side.  3 holding AS down.  3 throws an ass punch (!).  3 keeps on his shoulders.  AS grabs 3’s shorts, and Kinman on it with a warning.  AS looks to stand, and 3 holds.  3 throws a knee as they stand but misses. They separate and circle.  3 stalking and throws a straight right, nut AS counters and lands a right of his own.  More circling.  Another knee from 3, and both kick each other’s legs.  Weird exchange.  AS missed with a body kick.  Straight left from 3 countered by a left from AS.  3 lands a big shot and AS drops to the mat.  3 jumps on AS and starts dropping shots.  AS covers up, but has nothing.  3 overwhelming AS.  Body shots.  Head shots.  AS just covers up.  This fight could be stopped, but the horn sounds.  Clear 10-9 for 3.

ROUND 2 – Touch gloves again.  3 looks fresher.  3 throws a kick and follows with as quickpunch.  3 tosses AS down and is on top.  Lots of body shots from 3.  AS looks to hold 3 down, but 3 is just overwhelming him.  AS’s corner has had enough of “the fetal position,” apparently.  AS covers up, and 3 jumps into the mount.  AS just covering up.  3 still dropping shots.  AS rolls to his stomach and to his knees, but 3 controls him.  AS rolls to his back, but 3 still on top.  Back to mount.  AS holding 3’s right hand, but 3 postures and starts raining down more punches.  AS back to his knees, and 3 takes his back.  AS scrambles, but 3 is on top.  More body shots from 3.  AS just has nothing.  He’s just covering up.  3 throws a knee to the body.  We can hear AS groaning in pain.  AS able to get to his knees and stands quickly using the cage, but 3 still throwing punches.  AS throws a haymaker that misses as they separate.  Body kick from 3 as the horn sounds. 10-8 for 3.

ROUND 3 – Touch gloves.  Circling.  Both throw some, but nothing lands squarely.  More circling.  AS misses with a big right, but pushes forward.  3 dodges the lunge and AS falls.  3 throws some knees, and one looks to get AS in the head.  Kinman pauses the action.  The crowd cheers for AS as he stands.  Kinman takes a point from 3 for the knee.  Right call, as it was intentional.  Back to the action.  Circling.  More circling.  Right from AS misses.  AS rushes in, but can’t land anything square.  He keeps throwing the right, but it can’t find a home.  3 clinches and get behind AS’s head and lands a big knee.  AS falls.  3 with control from the side, and he lands another knee to the body.  AS covering up again.  We’ve been here before, boys and girls.  3 seems content to hold AS down and land body shots.  Over and over and over.  3 holding AS down, but AS stands briefly, until 3 slams him back down.  AS is just wiped out.   3 takes the mount as AS rolls.  More punches from the top, and Kinman finally puts a stop to this thing.

RESULT – Virgil Lackey III TKOs Anthony Stamm at 2:42 of Round 3.

9:54 – Intermission time, a/k/a Jaeger bomb time.  Gotta loosen the fingers.  Be back in a bit, fight fans.

10:09 – The lights come back down.  Getting ready to resume the action.  Damn.  Rick announces that Chris Kinman will be a judge at the upcoming UFC on Versus event in Louisville.  Nice!  Damn good ref.

10:13 – Time for our next fight: Brittany Skelton (BS) against Chris “Pinkie” McKenzie (CM).  Brittany Skelton gets an induction into the “Lindsey Hunter All-Stars.”  Google it if you don’t get the joke.  Guess this is a catchweight fight, as BS comes in at 160lbs..  Also, the Hexagon Girls have lost their shirts.  Cageside is the place to be!

ROUND 1 – Touch gloves.  BS fakes a kick and follows with a good right to the head of CM.  BS throwing more punches and lands a big right.  Another!  CM seems overwhelmed, but gets back to his feet.  BS gets position and judo throws him to the mat, taking top position.  CM works back to his feet, and BS throws a knee as he stands.  More cirlcing.   More good punches from BS.  Uppercut lands heavy, but CM somehow still standing.  BS clinches against the cage and throws a right hook that lands.  CM surviving.  But wait!  CM waves off the fight.  Not sure he can see straight.  Lotta courage from CM, but BS was just too much.  BS celebrates with some breakdancing!

RESULT – Brittany Skelton defeats Chris McKenzie via verbal submission at 1:44 of the first round.

10:17 – Brittany thanks his lord and savior, Jesus Christ.  Of course he does.  Now THAT’S a post-fight interview.

10:19 – Next fight: Lucas Scheming (LS) against Shane McClain (SM).  LS comes out to Beatie Boys.  Am I allowed to root for him?  Eff it, I’m doing it anyway.  Fighting at a catchweight at 195lbs.

ROUND 1 – Touch gloves.  Body kick from LS, but SM counters with a right that lands hard.  LS hits the mat, and SM jumps on him.  As soon as he does, Kinman pulls him off.  And not like that, perverts.

RESULT – Shane McClain defeats Lucas Scheming via TKO at 0:13 of the first round.

10:24 – During the interview, it’s hypothesized that this was a new AAMMA record, despite the 0:10 fight earlier tonight.  And McClain gets a title shot next.  Congrats!

10:25 – Now we’re moving!  Next fight: Joel Miller (JM) against Derrick Reece (DR).  Welterweight fight here.

10:27 – The crowd likes this Hex Girl.  Can’t say I blame them.

ROUND 1 – Touch gloves  Circling.  DR wit a straight right.  DR stalking.  Uppercut from DR lands.  Body kick from DR.  More circling.  Body punch from JM.   Right from DR that misses.  Straight left from JM.  JM feints, misses with a right.  Body kick from JM, and DR counters with a right.  More circling.  Good left from DR that lands.  Big right from JM, but misses with the follow-up left.  More circling.  Inside leg kick from DR.  Combo from JM, and body kick from DR.  Teep from JM.  Another 1-2 kick combo from JM.  DR charges in and lands a few hooks.  They clinch.  Knee from DR that JM grabs and uses to trip DR.  DR falls to his back, and JM jumps on him in half guard.  He works to mount quick.  DR tries to buck him off, but JM holds on in the mount.  JM tries to isolate an arm.  DR pushes off the cage with his feet and ends up in top position.  JM tries to grab an arm, but DR scrambles.  JM works for an arm as the horn sounds.  I see it 10-10. Damn good round.

ROUND 2 – Inside leg kick from JM.  JM shots, but DR lands a right hand.  They clinch, and JM lands a knee.  JM trips DR, DR spins, but JM ends up on top.  Jm works to the mount again.  DR trying to control JM’s posture.  Some hard body shots from the top. DR tries to buck JM off, but leaves his head open.  JM lands some BIG shots from the top, with a HUGE right.  JM keeping the mount, but straightens a leg over DR’s shoulder to set up a triangle from the top.  He sinks it in and rolls.  He’s pulling on the triangle hard and DR taps.

RESULT – Joel Miller defeats Derrick Reece via triangle at 2:03 of Round 2.

10:36 – Joel may be going pro.  He looked really good tonight.

10:39 – One more fight before the next intermission: James Mogollon (1) against James Morton (2).  Same initials, so they get numbers.  Awesome.  Plus, looks like it’s a battle of the undefeateds.   Morton comes out to THE BACKSTREET BOYS.  FU** YES!!  My man, James Morton is, in fact, larger than life in his pink trunks.  Yeah he is.  This is a lightweight fight, by the way.

ROUND 1 – Touch gloves.  They trade srtaight rights.  Circling.  1 throws a combo that lands, and shoots.  The clinch against the cage.  2 revers and pushes 1.  2 turns 1 back into the cage. 2 with an overhook.  1 throws a knee.  2 protecting.  2 throws a knee.  They separate.  1 grabs 2, but 2 keeps good balance and works to the cage.  1 has 2 pressed against the cage.  Knees from both that miss.  Left hand to the body from 1.  Follows with another.  Uppercut to the body from 1.  Combo from 2 misses.  Uppercut from 2 as they meet in the center.  2 follows with a good leg kick.  Circling.  1-2 from 2 misses, but follows with a left.  1 grabs 2 and pushes him into the cage.  2 keeps an overhook, but 1 throws some body punches. Inside knee blocked.  Right hands from 1.  2 throws a couple big knees from the clinch, and 1 is bloodied.  1 grabs 2and pushes him into the cage.  2 clinches again and throws another knee.  Good round.  10-9 for 2 for landing the better shots.

ROUND 2 – Circling.  Head kick from 2 just misses.  Head kick from 1 misses!  More circling.  Straight left from 1 to the chin of 2.  2 tries a combo that can’t find a home.  1 grabs 2 and drives him into ht cage.  2 grabs a thai clinch but lets go.  Right to the body from 1 as he has him pressed against the fence.  2 using the big screen, it looks like.  3 punch combo from 1 to the body.  They separate, but 1 shoots and gets the takedown, falling into full guard.  1 positioning, but not a lot of shots being thrown.  A couple from the top.  2 working hard to keep guard and control 1’s posture.  2 looking for a kimura, and he uses it to almost stand.  1 stuffs him and stays on top.  Back into full guard.  2 grabs a kimura on the left side again, but 1 adjusts and keeps it from being useful.  1 drags 2 to the fence, and 2 uses it to walk up and stand.  They separate.  Both throw punches wildly as the round ends.  10-9 for 1 this time.

ROUND 3 – Touch gloves.  Circling.  1-2 from 1 misses.  1 presses 2 against the cage.  1 looking for a single, but gives up.  Now looking for a double, and 1 defends with a potential guillotine.  2 pushes off the cage, but 1 drives him back in.  2 still looking for the guillotine.  1 throwing some punches to the legs of 1, followed by some foot stomps.  1 locks in the guillotine and tries to sink it in.  1 drops but pulls out.  They stand again, clinch, and separate.  Uppercut from 2 just misses, as overhand from right from 1 grazes him.  They clinch again, and 1 presses 2 into the cage.  Body shot from 1.  2 turns  into the cage, and 1 scrambles out and separates.  Body kick from 2, followed by a leg kick.  1 grabs a single leg and drags to do2n.  2 quickly back up.  1 now looking for a double leg.  2 grabs 1 and throws a knee.  2 throws a body kick that 1 catches as the horn sounds.  Close freaking fight.

RESULT – James Mogollon defeats James Morton via unanimous decision.  Wow.

10:57 – Mogollon gives Morton props as his toughest fight yet.  Intermission time again.  Try to behave for a little while, kids.

11:11 – DJ has gone into full-on dance club mode.  Where the bitches at?!

11:12 – Oh… there they are.

11:15 – Another shout out for me and ProMMANow.  Pay up, Jack (Bratcher).  Time for our next fight: Lonnie Mosley (LM) against Duprie Moon, Jr. (JR).  HW bout.  Lotta beef in the cage.

ROUND 1 – Touch gloves.  LM with a straight left.  JR with a leg kick.  Both throw some punches that miss.  They clinch, and JR pushes LM against the cage.  Still clinch.  LM warned not to grab the skin.  Like i said, big boys.  JR still has LM pressed against the cage.  LM misses on a trip.  LM turns position and presses JR against the cage.  JR pushes back, and they separate.  Left from LM misses.  Circling.  Looping left from JR misses.  JR charges in and throws some shots.  LM  clinches and turns JR into the cage.  JR still with his back to the cage.  LM swings and they separate.  Left from JR lands.  Another straight lands.  Leg kick from JR, but he slips.  LM falls on top of JR, who then stands from his knees.  They separate as they stand.  Circling.  LM switches to lefty.  Switches back.  Left hook from, JR, followed by body kick.  LM loses his mouthpiece, and the horn sounds.  Close round.  LM takes it.

ROUND 2 – Straight left from LM.  JR shoots and gets LM down.  JR looks to get on top.  He falls into side control, and quickly to mount.  That’s a lotta dude on LM.  Tough position.  They’re both breathing.  JR starts some GnP.  LM turns to his stomach, and JR looks for a rear naked choke without the hooks.  He gives it up and lands some big shots to the head.  Another big shot.  LM grabs him and reverses, taking top position.  JR then reverses, but stands, letting LM up.  Circling.  Left from LM misses. Nice dodge by Jr.  Left hook from JR lands.  Straight left lands, followed my other shots.  Counter from LM misses.  Straight left from LM lands.  Both guys breathing heavy.  JR charges in and presses LM against the cage.  Uppercut from JR is wild, and just misses.  JR shoots for a takedown but can’t get it.  The horn sounds with the guys in the clinch.  JR gets the round this time. Also, “Crazy Bitch” playing between rounds.  Like a strip club! So I hear… again…

ROUND 3 – Left from LM misses.  Body kick from JR misses.  Circling.  JR shoots in, but LM isn’t goingdown.  LM with his back against the fence. LM turns JR into the cage.  Knee to the body from LM.  They separate and LM throws some punches that land, but not hard.  Circling.  Some wild punches from both that miss.  Clinch again.  JR pummeling for underhooks.  Jr throws a left as they separate.  Outside leg kick lands from JR.  Circling.  Another outside leg kick from JR.  Big right from JR hurt LM.  JR has him against the cage and throws a knee.  He throws a left that lands too.  JR with LM still against the cage.  Another knee from JR.  Another outside leg kick from JR.  He grimaces as he throws it.  Might have hurt himself at some point.  I give this one to JR again.  Good fight.

RESULT – Duprie Moon, Jr. defeats Lonnie Mosley via unanimous decision.

11:33 – I’m getting tired.  But I press on, for you jerks.  Next fight: Zachary Boehm (Z) against Pieter Van Zijl (P).  One initial.  First name.  Deal with it.  Welterweight bout this time.  2 more undefeateds squaring off.

ROUND 1 – Touch gloves.  Swinging and missing.  Circling.  Z goes for a single leg and gets it.  He’s in side control.  Z tries to work to mount and ends up in half guard.  No shots being thrown.  Body shot from Z from the top.  Switches to the head.  A few more body shots, mixing it up to the head from Z.  P trying to control his posture..  Z keeps dropping some GnP.  Another body shot from Z.  P striking from bottom, but with not alot on them.  Z looks for an Americana, but P pulls his arm out.  Z now in full guard and throws some big shots from the top.  Z lands some shots to the head from a standing position.  P defending as well as he can from his back.  A couple right hands sneak in from the top.  A couple more.  Some more big rights from Z as the round ends.  10-8 perhaps for Z.

ROUND 2 – Right from Z misses.  Body kick from P misses.  Z shoots for a double leg and gets it.  He’s in half guard, working for position.  Z starts throwing some shots.  P in obvious pain from the punches.  Z keeping good position.  P tries briefly to stand.  Z working the position.  P tries to push off the cage with his feet, but Z controls him well.  P controlling Z’s head, but Z postures and throws some more shots to the body-head-body.  P still pushing off the cage with his feet.  P’s corner very quiet.  P trying to hold Z down, but Z postures again and throws some shots.  Z can’t get his leg out of the half guard.  A couple rabbit punches from Z.  Not too many big shots here.  Z throws a couple good body shots before the round ends. 10-9, maybe 8, for Z.

ROUND 3 – P looks tired.  Z throws a kick, and gets promptly scolded by his corner.  “No kicks!”  Circling.  Z shoots for a single, but good sprawl from P.  Z on his knees, and P looks for a guillotine.  Z defends his chin well, and P slips.  Z takes his back and looks to get his hooks in.  Z throwing punches from the top.   Z gets his hooks in and tries to flatten P.  Z clearly fighting for the rear naked choke.  Z throws some punches to the side of the head of P.  Z is high up on P, which is making it tough to flatten him out.  Z controlling the wrist of P, looking to sink in the choke.  Z rolls P over and gets the body triangle.  Some punches, and Z sinks his arm under P’s chin.  P has to tap.

RESULT – Zachary Boehm defeats Pieter Van Zijl at 2:33 of the 2nd Round.

11:52 – Next fight (last ammy fight of the night): Michael Gay (MG) against Shaun Asher (SA).  SA walking out to Whitesnake.  Fu** yeah!  Ladies, get your leopard print skirts!  HW fight here.

ROUND 1 – Touch gloves.  Body kick from MG.  SA dives in with shots, and MG tries to get a single.  MG then tries for a double, but SA keeps the pressure on MG’s back.  SA landing some shots from the top.  MG holding onto the single leg.   Big shots from SA.  One lands the back of the head, but Kinman can’t see it.  MG holding onto the single, as SA lands some massive body shots.  SA drives forward and gets full mount, isolating MG’s right arm.  MG can barely cover up, as SA drops some heavy shots to MG’s head.  Kinman steps in and calls the fight.

RESULT – Shaun Asher defeats Michael Gay via TKO at 1:28 of the 1st Round.

12:01 – It’s officially tomorrow!  Thanks for hanging in!  First pro fight of the night, featuring Brandon Suber (BS) and Chris Bennett (CB).  This is a Lightweight fight.

ROUND 1 – Touch gloves.  Leg kick from CB.  Rights from CB land.  Inside leg kick from BS.  Teep from BS that CB grabs.  CB drags BS to the mat.  CB ends up in half guard.  BS works him to full guard.  Some GnP from CB.  BS uses the cage to walk up and stands.  CB grabs a thai clinch and throws some knees.  CB l;and a right kick as they separate.  They clinch again, and CB presses BS against the cage.  BS turns CV into the cage, but CB turns him too.  CB’s got the underhooks.  C goes for the trip and nearly gets it.  CB then jumps onto BS’s back.  CB rolls him, and looks for the read naked choke  CB has the body triangle.  BS tried to stand.  CB throw  some shots.  BS defending well. CB squeezes the body triangle hard.  BS still defending well.  BS tries to roll, but CB doesn’t let go of the body triangle.  CB still  looking for hte rear naked, bnut BS rolls into an armbar buy CB.  BS escapes and CB looks for a triangle.  They stand briefly, but BS drags CB down.  BS throws some shots, but CB working for  the armbar again.  Now BS in CB’s full guard.  CB controlling BS’s posture.  CB works for the armbar again, but BS stands.  Throws some leg kicks .  CB stands, throws a couple shots, and shots for a double. BS stays up, but CB pushes him against the cage.  Knees from BS.  CB drops for a double and gets it.  BS tries to grab a guillotine.  CB in half guard as the round ends.

ROUND 2 – Leg kick from BS.  Circling.  Another.  BS follows with a takedown.  BS in full guard, drags CB to the cage.  CB shifting his hips up, always looking to submit.  CB striking from the bottom.  BS throwing from the top!  CB swivels his hips up and gets an armbar, but BS rolls out.  CB rolls into another, but BS escapes.  Wow!  BS lets CB stand.  More leg kicks from BS.  CB shoots in for a double.  BS pushing CB’s head down, and CB unable to get him down.  CB falls tt his back, but gets up quickly.  CB shoots in and drags BS to the mat, pulling guard.  BS stands in CB’s guard.  Bs keeps falling to the mat, and his corner begs him to stand!  Bs finally lets CB stand.  Another leg kick to CB’s right leg.  Those are dding up.  They clinch.  Knees from both guys.  BS pushes CB into the cage.  Short elbow from BS, and they separate for a moment before BS takes CB down again.  Big left from BS.  CB’s head in the cage.  BS stands.  CB throws an upkick.  BS falls back to the mat, and CB looks to grab his arm quick.   CB trying hard to get the armbar.  BS stands, and CB follow.s  Big left kick from CB stuns BS!  CB tries to follow up, but BS drives him into the mat, into CB’s full guard.  GnP from BS.  Cb still working his legs for a submission.  Good shots from BS from the top.  An upkick from CB misses.  CB shoots, but the horn sounds.

ROUND 3 – They hug as the round begins.  Then right to it.  hey both throw big punches and kicks that meet each other.  Circling.  Left from BS lands.  CB grabs a thai clinch but misses.  BS throws a flying knee that CB grabs and uses to drag BS to the mat.  BS works to mount, but CB scrambles and gets half guard.  BS working to side control.    Now in full guard.  Nice elbows from BS.  CB keeping his hips high and fluid.  More left elbows from BS.  GnP from BS.  Still in full guard.  BS turns CB’s head into the cage.  CB trying to work for another armbar, but BS scrambles and keeps good pressure on DB .  CB looking for an arm triangle.  BS in north-south, throwing body shots.  CB scrambles to his knees.  CB then scrambles onto his back, BS chases him into his guard.  CB striking from the bottom, and BS lets him stand.  Body kick from CB lands.  Nice exchange from both.  Inside leg kick from BS.  BS shoots for a takedown and gets it.  BS in side control.  CB bucks and gets to his knees.  BS keeping his weight on him.  CB scrambling.  BS mounts briefly and CB rolls. BS takes his back, looking for the rear naked choke.  BS only has 1 hook.  Now he has both.  CB turning into him.  BS throwing punches to the head of CB as the round ends.  Looks like a decision for BS.

RESULT – This was probably the fight of the night.  Brandon Suber defeats Chris Bennett via unanimous decision.

12:26 – Some fu**ing Sandstorm!  Where’s Wanderlei?  Where’s Shogun?  Hell yeah!  DJ just fully redeemed himself.

12:27 – Time for the main event, and (mercifully) the last fight of the night: Brandon Pinkston (BP) against Chris Mierzwiak (CM).  These guys are fighting at a catchweight at 190lbs.

ROUND 1 – Touch gloves.  Circling.  1-2 from CM.  Body kick from CM.  BP trips and they go to the mat.  CM grabs an arm quick.  BP picks him up, but CM hangs onto the arm.  BP tries to survive, tries to step over him.  CM isn’t letting go.  BP taps.  Amazing!

RESULT – Chris Mierzwiak submits Brandon Pinkston with an armbar at 0:35 in the first round.

12:32 – That’s all, gang.  Time to polish off a few more Jaeger bombs.  Seacrest out!

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