Mann Talk – BAMMA 5 Predictions

On Saturday, most of the MMA world will be focused on UFC 127. However, earlier in the day the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts returns with BAMMA 5. In the main event, Paul Daley and Deep champion Yuya Shirai will fight for the vacant BAMMA welterweight title. With a victory, Daley will also receive a shot at Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz.

The card will air like at 4:00 p.m. ET at You can order the pay per view for only $10. On Demand streaming will be available after the fact for $5.

Paul Daley vs. Yuya Shirai
Everyone is acting like Shirai is simply a speed bump on the road towards Daley’s shot at Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz. However, The Deep champion has a serious chance to play spoiler. Since losing to Jason High in the first round of Dream’s welterweight tournament, Shirai has won five fights in a row. If he can get a takedown, he will be able to give Daley serious problems on the ground.

With that being said, this is Daley’s fight to lose. In his last fight, he showed off his devastating power against a guy known for his chin. Despite not having the best takedown defense, Daley does a good job of setting the distance between him and his opponent. Even if he does end up on the floor, he will be able to survive and eventually land the knockout punch.
Pick = Paul Daley
Film Study: Paul Daley vs. Sam Morgan (Standing Elbow Madness)

Ricco Rodriguez vs. James McSweeney
I honestly think that the Rodriguez who was addicted to five-dollar footlongs could win this fight. Recently, he has appeared in decent shape, which makes this an extremely easy fight to pick. McSweeney has always been billed as a K-1 level striker who is learning the ground game. First, he is not that great of a striker. Second, he is not really picking up the ground game. Look for the former UFC champion to get some takedowns and take a lackluster three-round decision. Last weekend, multiple sites reported that Rodriguez is not signed with Bellator. Is this breaking news? In case you were wondering, Mann Talk is also not under contract with Bellator.
Pick = Ricco Rodriguez
Film Study: Ricco Rodrgiuez vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (Old School ADCC)

Alex Makhonin vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam
These are the kind of fights that make picking fights on this level difficult. Makhonin has an impressive 8-1 record, but he has not fought anyone with this kind of experience or game. “Professor X” has been having a tough time since fighting his way back into the UFC. Both fighters will look to strike, and while Foupa-Pokam might be the more polished striker, but momentum is certainly on Makhonin’s side. Also, it is bad form to pick against the up and coming fighter.
Pick = Alex Makhonin
Film Study: Xavier Foupa-Pokam vs. Kyacey Uscola

Claudio Henrique Da Silva vs. Jean-Francois Lenogue
Originally, Lenogue was set to face John Phillips on the card, but on Tuesday the promotion announced that “Mineiro” would step in as a replacement. Da Silva is a Brazilian who is based East London and went 5-0 last year.

Lenogue has been fighting since 1999 and has face some big names. The problem is that he has lost to all those named. Since 2008, he is only 1-5-1. He is decent on the ground, but Da Silva is better there.
Pick = Claudio Henrique Da Silva
Film Study: Claudio Henrique da Silva vs. Denniston Sutherland (Sutherland comes out to Coolio and gets choked out cold)