Headed into M-1 Challenge XXIII on March 5th, Mairbek ‘Beckan’ Taisumov has his sites set on returning to the lightweight title spotlight but first has to dispose of the always dangerous Yuri Ivlev; a win puts Taisumov back in the sniff for the belt. Fans can catch the lightweights face-off, starting at 11:00am EST / 8:00am PST, Saturday March 5th on the official M-1 Global website (www.M-1Global.com).

23 year-old, M-1 veteran out of the Chechen Republic, Maribek Taisumov is a highly talented lightweight currently training out of the GFC Team. Born with the genetics that have given him phenomenal speed and athleticism, Taisumov is a former soccer player who has continually displayed impressive stand-up skills and an always improving ground game; this young athlete is developing into an impact fighter in an incredibly deep 155-pound weight class.

Since debuting in 2007, this promising young striker has racked up an impressive 13-3 record with thanks to his highly effective stand-up skills and phenomenal footwork, which enables him to glide effortlessly around the canvass as he stalks and maintains superior offensive positioning. Based on his victories, it’s not surprising that he’s referenced as having an impressive striking arsenal from both in close and outside; his hand speed is lightning quick and he cocks a heavy overhand right that can be unleashed in a split second should his opponent drop his hands. Combine this lethal striking power with well guarded defensive skills and the ability to release stinging leg and body kicks and rib-cracking knees at will and you have the technical blueprint for Taisumov’s methodically sound performances.

‘Beckan’s’ background in freestyle wrestling reveals excellent reaction time, quick hips and an effective sprawl but he’ll need to continue working on his takedown defense in order to acclimate himself in the North American game should he cross the pond and venture into the M-1’s cards in the United States. But when in position to take opponents to the ground, Taisumov is equipped with an aggressive ground and pound where is able to unleash precision punches and hammer fists to finish a bout. With back-to-back-to-back first round finishes over Petr Cajnak, Julien Boussuge and Sergey Adamchuk, Taisumov put on a striking and submission clinic to win the 201 M-1 Selection Western Europe lightweight tournament.

With his exciting fighting style, Taisumov had his sights set on becoming M-1Global’s first-ever 155-pound champion in the organization’s history as he squared off against Artiom Damkovsky. In a bout that contended for ‘fight of the night’ honours, Taisumov controlled the early rounds until the tide swayed into Damkovsky’s favour. Taking an unintentional finger to the eye late in the third, it was determined by the ringside physician that the bout had to be stopped, leaving ‘Beckan’ disheartened as he watched the gold go around Damkovsky’s waist.

Taisumov shrugged off the tough loss with a first-round demolition of Ivica Truscek and finds himself back near the top of the lightweight food chain. Now set to face Yuri Ivlev, ‘Beckan’ will look to put victory at his beckon call as he trudges forward with the goal of earning another shot at the coveted championship belt.

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