“Tachi Palace Fights 8: All or Nothing” live results and play-by-play

Tachi Palace Fights 8: All or Nothing takes place tonight in Lemoore, Calif., beginning at 9pm eastern, featuring a middleweight title bout between champ Leopoldo Serao and UFC veteran David Loiseau. Also, flyweight champion Ulysses Gomez will face Darrell Montague and #1 ranked 125-pound fighter Jussier da Silva will square off against WEC veteran Ian McCall.

ProMMAnow.com will provide live results and play-by-play commentary of the action.

Tachi Palace Fights 8 quick results:

  • 185 title bout: David Loiseau defeats Leopoldo Serao by TKO doctor stoppage (1:12 of Round 5)
  • 125 title bout: Darrell Montague defeats Ulysses Gomez by unanimous decision (three scores of 50-45)
  • 125 lbs: Ian McCall defeats Jussier da Silva by unanimous decision (three scores of 29-28)
  • 185 lbs: Edgar Garcia defeats Mike Moreno by submission (1:47 of Round 1)
  • 155 lbs: Dominique Robinson defeats John Gunderson by TKO (0:41 of Round 3)
  • 155 lbs: Fabricio Camoes defeats Steve Lopez by KO (0:23 of Round 1)
  • 170 lbs: Doug Hunt defeats Andrew Martinez by TKO (4:27 of Round 1)
  • 155 lbs: Andy Miranda defeats Ryan Burton by submission (1:06 of Round 1)
  • 185 lbs: Collin Hart defeats Mike Arellano by submission (1:32 of Round 1)
  • 145 lbs: Tyler Freeland defeats Diego Melendez by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 twice)
  • 170 lbs: Alan Jouban defeats Kyle Griffin by KO (0:15 of Round 1)

Tachi Palace Fights 8 play-by-play:

The live stream is up and running, with MMAJunkie’s John Morgan and 89.5 FM’s Andre Covington previewing the card. Apparently Gunderson and Robinson had a little confrontation at the weigh ins, so when Gunderson told ProMMAnow.com that Robinson’s jawing got under his skin, he wasn’t kidding. We’ll be back in a few when the first fight gets underway.

Kyle Griffin (1-0) vs. Alan Jouban (pro debut) — welterweight

* techinical difficulties…stay tuned *

Round 1: And we’re live. Griffin (1-0), younger brother of UFC vet Tyson, going against Jouban (pro debut) in what will be a three round fight with three-minute rounds. “Big” John McCarthy is the referee.

* more techincal difficulties… *

So, missed the fight completely, but Jouban scored a quick stoppage of Griffin by KO.

Tyler Freeland (pro debut) vs. Diego Melendez (pro debut) — featherweight

Round 1: Early 1-2 from Melendez just misses. Low kick from Melendez. At a ten inch reach disadvantage, Freeland, looking for a spot to close the distance. He finds it, throwing a flurry, getting the clinch, and tossing Melendez on his butt, into side control. Melendez recovers half guard. A couple short elbows for Freeland, who doesn’t have the height, but looks compact and strong on the top. Melendez trying to keep him tied up in half guard. Another elbow from Freeland, then a few short punches. Freeland steps over and gets the crucifix, but Melendez is able to escape to the feet. On the way up, huge left hand from Melendez. Now they’re going at it on the feet, with Freeland bleeding. BIG knee by Melendez drops Freeland and the ref is stopping…no, he changed his mind. Another knee right before the bell, and Freeland just escapes to round 2. 10-9 for Melendez with the strong finish.

Round 2: Next round starts off with another feeling out process. Freeland gets him off balance with a couple leg kicks; Melendez responds with a lazy punch, allowing Freeland to duck under and score a takedown on the shot. Into half guard once again. Kind of surprised that Melendez didn’t work his punches more to use the reach. Freeland passes to half guard nicely and spins into north-south, maybe looking for a choke here. Melendez spins through and back into half guard. While most guys want to posture up on the ground, Freeland is doing good work by keeping things tight so he can use his compact frame. Now Freeland passes to mount, with Melendez holding on to keep him from throwing punches. Flurry of short hooks to end the frame. 10-9 for Freeland.

Round 3: Outside leg kick from Freeland, counter straight right from Melendez. Good overhand right from Freeland after stepping in. Melendez tries to throw some punches on the way in but makes a mistake, letting Freeland get in close. As you would expect, takedown attempt from Freeland; once he got hold, Melendez couldn’t fight off the TD too long. Now some good GNP by Freeland from Melendez’s guard. Melendez pops back up, but Freeland is quick to get the double unders and take him down again. But in Melendez’s guard dropping a few punches. Melendez is looking to get his guard high, but Freeland defends and gets side control again to drop a couple elbows. The round and fight comes to an end, should be 10-9 Freeland. Melendez looked close to a TKO in round 1, but Freeland recovered and imposed his will.

Tyler Freeland takes it by UD, 30-27 and 29-28 x2.

Collin Hart (2-1-1) vs. Mike Arellano (3-7) — middleweight

Round 1: Saw Hart in a competitive draw against TUF alum Joseph Henle, so wouldn’t be surprised to see him take control in this one. Hart lands a good body kick-punch combo. Arellano throws a weak combo to get inside, but Hart gets the clinch and an easy takedown. Just overpowered him there. Hart in Arellano’s half guard, and Arellano tries to get out but gives up his back. Hart going for the RNC and that’s it. Quick submission win for Hart. Replay shows that Hart didn’t have the hooks or a body triangle but Arellano was already in trouble, with Hart’s arm under the chin.

Ryan Burton (3-0) vs. Andy Miranda (4-1)  — lightweight

Round 1: Miranda took this fight on 8 days notice, replacing an injured David Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan’s nephew or something like that). Nevertheless, Miranda’s sport a nice black eye. Burton tossing a jab out there and trying to land a big overhand right. It misses, but Burton looks aggressive. Ooh, big punch from Miranda drops Burton. As Miranda comes in, Burton tries to duck in for the desperation takedown; Miranda looking for a guillotine. Miranda gets his legs up and locks on a triangle attempt. It’s on tight now. Burton’s actually out and the ref stops it. Burton is lying flat and stiff, but comes to after a moment or two. Nice submission win for Miranda via triangle choke.

Doug Hunt (8-4) vs. Andrew Martinez (7-2-1) — welterweight

Round 1: Nice inside leg kick from Hunt, followed by a straight left from the southpaw. Another body kick to straight left. Martinez jumps up for a guillotine, but I don’t think he’s got it and his corner is telling him to let it go. Nice right hand by Hunt from Martinez’s guard. They scramble and Martinez is on his knees with Hunt keeping head control. With Martinez back on the feet, nice takedown by Hunt into side control, dropping GNP shots with Martinez turtled up trying to protect his head. Martinez isn’t moving too much, so who knows how long this fight will go now. Nice knee to the body by Hunt. Martinez stands up, but right back down by Hunt with a nice single-leg to a sweep. It’s destiny; this fight ends right back up with Martinez turtled up and Hunt on top throwing punches. Big John stops the fight for TKO win for Hunt.

Fabricio Camoes (10-5-1) vs. Steve Lopez (12-3) — lightweight

First big fight of the night, with two guys recently cut by the UFC.

Round 1: Outside leg kick by Lopez to start. Oh MY! BIG head kick from Camoes drops Lopez down. Wow. Now he’s fine. Flash knockdown maybe? When Lopez went down his arms were to his side, but the contact with the mat might’ve woken him up and he was starting to try and cover up as Camoes dove in to drop some shots. Lopez is upset and shaking his head. Just 23 seconds needed for Camoes via KO.

It’s just been announced that Camoes will next face UFC veteran and former TUF champ Efrain Escudero on May 5.

John Gunderson (31-11-2) vs. Dominique Robinson (15-4) — lightweight

Round 1: In the pre-fight video interview, Robinson says that Gunderson as a person is “full of sh**.” Yikes. This’ll either end quick with a brutal KO or it’ll lean toward the guy that can keep their composure. Gunderson comes in with a left hook and shoots right after with a takedown attempt, but good underhook and TD defense by Robinson. Gunderson has him pressed up on the cage. He tries to duck for a double but Robinson defends and almost gets the Thai clinch. Now Gunderson looking for a single, but no luck. Finally Gunderson has him down. Robinson tries to pop back up while Gunderson tries to tie his legs up. Robinson wins this battle, back to the clinch on the cage. Gunderson again dives in for a single, but great sprawl by Robinson, who ends up on top with Gunderson forced to pull guard. Robinson on top in the half guard. No heavy shots thrown yet, trying to take his time. Now some nice elbows and body shots from Robinson. Gunderson starts to look for a leg with Robinson standing, but Dominique drops a nice right hand. Gunderson finally works his way up and back to looking for the takedown. They separate and Robinson does some damage to Gunderson to end the round, highlighted by a head kick that just missed. 10-9 for Robinson.

Round 2: Gunderson comes in with a spinning backfist attempt to set up the shoot. Like a replay of round 1. Robinson defends nicely and eventually gets on top into Gunderson’s half guard. Nice elbow and a knee to the chest from half guard (interesting technique there from Robinson, and effective). This fight is not going Gunderson’s way. He’s getting outmuscled here, not to sell Robinson short on his skill, because Gunderson hasn’t wanted any part of the striking yet. Robinson passes to side. He was looking for the crucifix perhaps, and Gunderson uses the opportunity to look for a single. But Gunderson is taking some elbows while looking for it. Robinson actually looks for an armbar and he almost has it, but Gunderson gets out with the hitchhiker escape. Gunderson is sitting up by the cage, but Robinson is right up on his scoring punches. Maybe he’s getting worn down, but Gunderson is turtled up trying to cover and Robinson finishes the round on his back dropping shots. 10-9 for Robinson, though the announcers think it could be 10-8.

Round 3: Is this Robinson’s coming out party or will Gunderson pull a rabbit out of his hat? After all the bad blood, the two touch gloves to start this round. Again, Gunderson throws a strike to set up a takedown, but there’s no speed on it. Robinson powers through it and lands on top easily, this time into mount. More punishment from Robinson and the referee steps in quick, knowing that Gunderson has taking a good amount of shots throughout the fight. TKO win for Robinson.

Edgar Garcia (8-2) vs. Mike Moreno (4-2) — lightweight

Round 1: Another UFC vet, Garcia lost bouts to Demarques Johnson and Brad Blackburn, but now he’s looking to get his second win in a row. The announcers mention that Moreno says his record is actually 9-2 but the online databases are wrong. He’s not the first, since you can look up Robinson and see nothing near a 15-4 mark. I look forward to the day where there is a more comprehensive, accurate listing (no offense Sherdog).

The action begins. All the talk about the striking and Moreno shoots for a takedown. Garcia defends and almost gets a front choke/ten-finger guillotine/breadbasket choke (or whatever you want to call it). Again Moreno shoots. He predicted he’d win with a head kick KO. Talk about false advertising. Moreno with a nice elbow and knee on the fence. Moreno looking for another takedown and leaves his head in there. I guess he didn’t learn his lesson. Garcia drops down with a very tight guillotine this time. Moreno taps. Submission win for Garcia.

Jussier da Silva (11-0) vs. Ian McCall (8-2) — flyweight

Round 1: Great night of fights so far, but now the feature bouts are about to get underway, with #1 flyweight da Silva against WEC veteran McCall.

Feeling out process, with both guys exchanging jabs. McCall tries to work in a high kick. They get clinched up and Formiga gets the takedown, where McCall I’m sure doesn’t want to be. McCall tries to pop back up but da Silva keeps hold of McCall’s leg and gets it up and over his shoulder to get him right back down. BEAUTIFUL transition to McCall’s back, much like da Silva did against Danny Martinez in his TPF debut. McCall is defending well so far, but da Silva is right where he wants to be with the body triangle. The pace has slowed, but if you’re a fan of grappling, da Silva is putting on a ground control clinic, occasionally working some body-to-head strikes to try and find an opening. 10-9 round for da Silva. McCall looks relatively fresh but frustrated.

Round 2: McCall throws a jab but da Silva responds with a 1-2. McCall throws a kick that da Silva catches and looks for the takedown. But McCall defends on the cage and spins out with a fancy spinning back elbow. If anything, it gets him back to the center of the cage. Good outside leg kick from McCall, but da Silva again catches it and throws a nice straight right before shooting in. McCall is defending well against a relentless opponent. Now McCall spins and puts Formiga up against the fence, landing a nice elbow, now a knee. Another big elbow and da Silva drops down and pulls guard. Big punches now from McCall from da Silva’s half guard. Hammerfists, body punches, head shots. McCall is doing work! Da Silva shows resilience and looks for a heel hook. McCall bounces out and back to the feet. Nice jab to the body by McCall. Nice knee from the clinch by McCall. That sends da Silva back to the outside. Da Silva responds with a jab. Da Silva closes the distance, prompting McCall to throw a nice hook to the body and a head shot. Da Silva looking for a single, but nice defense by McCall. This goes 10-9 for McCall. Big third round coming up.

Round 3: I hope Dana White or someone from the UFC is watching. McCall starts off with good boxing and footwork to set the tone. Another nice left hook to the body by McCall. You wonder if all this work is slowing down da Silva. Great feint by McCall and comes in with a jab that connects flush. Da Silva tries to duck in and bring McCall down as he comes in, but McCall is looking stronger and fresher. Great uppercut from McCall as it looked like da Silva was about to clinch up. Jab followed by a straight right to the body by McCall. He’s looking really confident now. Da Silva tries to shoot from far outside but recognizes it isn’t even close and doesn’t try to finish it. McCall maybe gets a little overconfident and da Silva is able to grab a leg. He’s working for it, but McCall goes to the over/unders. Ooh, just when you think McCall is safe, nice trip by da Silva. McCall is throwing elbows, and da Silva is low on time to be working from da Silva’s guard. McCall relentless with the elbows as the horn sounds. McCall told me he wants to use the bout to show he’s the best flyweight on the planet. Well, he’s got an argument now, in my opinion. That round should be 10-9 for McCall unless Cecil Peoples is judging.

The winner, by unanimous decision with three scores of 29-28, Ian McCall.

Ulysses Gomez (7-1) vs. Darrell Montague (8-1) — flyweight title

Round 1: So who will win the belt (and the right to face McCall? kidding…), Gomez the champ or Montague the challenger? We’ll know soon barring an Edgar vs. Maynard-style draw. Gomez looks REALLY calm and focused. Early body kick attempt from Montague. Gomez shoots but Montague ends up on top; maybe Gomez is happy to just get it on the ground and into his world. Montague lands a strike or two from half guard and stands up over Gomez, then lunges in with a couple punches. Gomez misses with an upkick. Montague invites Gomez back up. Nice straight left from Montague then changes levels to keep Gomez from shooting in. A nice rear high kick from Darrell. Outside leg kick from Gomez countered by a jab-cross from Montague. Another high kick from Montague and then a knee that almost lands flush on the way in. Gomez tries to clinch but Montague eventually escapes to the middle. Montague is bouncing around and moving and Gomez is patient but a bit flat-footed. Maybe Gomez is pacing himself, with another four rounds possibly to go. Gomez is cut over the left eye. Wow, Montague with a leaping knee Jose Aldo style. Gomez does catch it and get a takedown and throw a few punches. Montague might rethink that next time, as Gomez took his back right when the round ended. Should be 10-9 for Montague, nevertheless.

Round 2: Gomez again is content backing into the cage, maybe hoping he’ll get Montague to rush in so he can get the takedown. Leg kicks landing from Montague. Good body kick from Gomez. Montague lands a nice right hand after a pawing jab to move Gomez’s hands aside. Gomez is wiping the blood from his eye and blinking. The fight gets paused to check the cut, but its restarted. Strong kick to the lead leg of Gomez from Montague. Straight left from Montague and he almost catches Gomez with a kick to the face as Gomez ducks down. With Gomez again up against the fence and flat footed, Montague drops Gomez with a straight left. It’s a flash knockdown and Gomez is OK, but forced to defend a guillotine attempt to end the period. More good work from Montague to take the round 10-9.

Round 3: Although Gomez tries to throw some shots early, as the round unfolds, he’s back near the cage again letting Montague stalk him. Body kick from Gomez, but Montague looks the better of the two. Montague is starting to outbox him Dominick Cruz-style (though more orthodox), picking him apart comfortably and moving in and out. Gomez tries to grab a leg for a single but Montague is too quick. Now Montague is wearing down Gomez’s lead leg with three straight kicks. A flurry from Montague at the end; Gomez covers up and Montague with a hook to the body and a few shots to the head at the end of a combination. A couple land after the horn sounds (seemed accidental) and Gomez isn’t too pleased. 10-9 for Montague.

Round 4: They clinch up now, with Montague pressing Gomez on the cage. Gomez looks to be out of ideas or energy or something. He’s putting his back on the fence a lot and putting his guard up, letting Montague tee off and pick his spots. Gomez really trying to wipe at that eye/cut. Good leg kick from Montague buckles Gomez a bit. With Montague close in, Gomez reached for the Thai clinch and went to throw a knee, but no energy behind it and Montague avoids it. Brutal pair body punches by Montague with Gomez guarding the head. Gomez isn’t quitting, but his leg is starting to hurt now too, it appears. 10-9 for Montague. If Gomez wins this, it’d be an amazing comeback.

Round 5: At this point it’s a question of whether Montague can get the finish or Gomez can pull off a miracle. The way this round is going, I’m guessing Montague will get the decision. Right as I say that, Gomez gets the clinch and has Montague up on the fence. He’s looking for the takedown still, but Montague gets underhooks and spins away. That might be the last gasp with half a round left. When Gomez tries to circle, Montague just hammers that lead leg with kicks. With less than a minute to go (Montague signaled to his corner as if asking the time), Montague goes for a spinning back fist. Again, Gomez has a chance for a takedown, but nothing doing. Showing the desperation, Gomez pulls guard, though time is against him now. Montague is back up easily and the fight ends. Complete shutout for Montague, most likely.

50-45 on all three cards for the new champ, Darrell Montague.

Leopoldo Serao (17-7) vs. David Loiseau (19-10) — middleweight title

Round 1: Serao isn’t definitely the less physically-imposing figure here. Loiseau almost lands a funky spinning back kick to start things off. Serao,  meanwhile, playing very cautious with his hands up high. Apparently he hasn’t seen Loiseau’s back-kick to the body highlight reel. Big overhand right misses and Serao tried to dive in for the takedown. Before Loiseau has a chance to fight it off, Serao pulls guard. Serao working the rubber guard for a second but gives it up. Now he’s trying it iwth the other leg and it’s a bit tighter, maybe looking for a triangle or omoplata. Loiseau is staying in tight to keep both arms in. Loiseau forced Serao back to full guard but almost instantly Serao works for a gogoplata attempt. Loiseau quickly postures up and looks to maybe find an opening to throw some punches from his knees. He’s stuck in that no-man’s land where he has to get back up or fall back into guard. He chooses the less safe option and goes back into Serao’s guard. Again Serao with the rubber guard, and Loiseau is too busy defending right now to do much. Good luck scoring that round. If you like BJJ a lot, that’s Serao’s 10-9. That’s what I’m going with since Loiseau didn’t do enough on the feet and really didn’t land anything on the ground.

Round 2: High kick attempt to start from Loiseau, and another that just misses. Roundhouse kick from Loiseau into a spinning backfist. It misses but looks cool. A weak front high kick from Serao that misses by about two feet. Loiseau looks comfortable on the feet, but he’s not using a jab or leg kick to set anything up. Loiseau up with a flying knee strike, Serao ducks under, and Loiseau goes down to the mat. Not the best idea. Serao is in side control looking for a kimura. Loiseau almost has his back taken, but he spins out and looks to take Serao’s back as Serao turtles up while keeping a grip on Loiseau’s wrist. Serao spins around and Loiseau falls into guard. Serao has Loiseau in tight again with the rubber guard, but Loiseau is doing a little better I think staying safe. That round might go for Loiseau since Serao’s ground game wasn’t nearly as effective. 10-9 for Loiseau in a close one. If it goes the distance, that’ll be a close one with the judges.

Round 3: A big high kick attempt again from Loiseau, but no set ups. Serao shoots in and Loiseau sprawls easily. But instead of jumping back to his feet, Loiseau stays a bit too close, allowing Serao to pull guard. This time the rubber guard is a lot tighter, with the leg across the face. Serao tried to pull down on the head but Loiseau survives and stays calm. This is looking more like round 1, with Loiseau completely stuffed. Big John stands them up with the stalemate. Serao comes in and the get tangled up. Guess what? Guard pull for Serao. Remember when Loiseau used to cut and brutalize people with elbows? I don’t think he’s thrown one yet. Hey, there’s one from in tight. Serao still keeping active off his back. Loiseau appears happy to keep his head glued to Serao’s chest right now. Another really hard round to score. I’ll go 10-10 on this one, maybe partly because I’m frustrated that both guys keep falling into the same stalemate dance.

Round 4: Absoultely no strategy change for either man right now. Almost no striking from Serao, and Loiseau trying to land a homerun high kick here and there. Here’s the shot from Serao, Loiseau sprawls…and stays in too close so Serao can pull guard. I wonder what Loiseau’s corner is telling him right now. Loiseau throws a few strikes now, but will he keep it up or get tied up by Serao again? Right now it’s looking more like the latter. Tight rubber guard here, Loiseau simply trying to stay safe. Big John stands em up. It’s one thing if a guy is at least getting takedowns, but I don’t know how to score a round where a guy pulls guard, essentially, and then nothing happens on the mat. Loiseau tries something different, throwing a right hand, but they get into the clinch. Serao can’t get the trip and Loiseau gets him down into side control just about. Serao turtles up and Loiseau throws a few knees to the body. Serao rolls to guard. A couple nice elbows from Loiseau now, and Serao’s rubber guard ins’t doing anything right now. Unlike the previous round, Loiseau definitely landed some strikes, so 10-9 for the Crow. But this still has the makings for a controversial decision

Round 5: Got a few boos from the crowd at the start of the last round. Loiseau throws some strikes that didn’t land clean from the looks of it, and Serao goes down maybe looking to bait him back down. However, Loiseau lands a few good shots on the way in to his guard. Now Loiseau is imposing his will and dropping elbows. McCarthy calls timeout and there’s a good amount of blood. A lot. The doctor calls it. Loiseau took his time, but he got it done. David Loiseau wins the TPF 185 title via TKO doctor stoppage.

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