Last weekend, Strikeforce put on one of their biggest cards to date. This card may not be nearly as significant, but there are still some fun scraps. Check out the “analysis,” because I did predict Silva vs. Fedor with crystal-ball precision.

Lyle Beerbohm vs. Pat Healy
It will be clear early who will win this fight. Both fighters need to use their wrestling to get top position. Beerbohm looks to have the better takedowns, so my money is on him. However, Healy has shown against Ryan Ford that he can survive on the bottom and stay in a fight. Still, expect Beerbohm to get on top, avoid submissions and do enough to take the judges’ decision.
Pick = Lyle Beerbohm

Ryan Couture vs. Lee Higgins
Couture is going to win this fight. When you Google “Lee Higgins,” all the information is about Oakland Raiders receiver Johnnie Lee Higgins. This is never a good sign. If you are a veteran Mann Talk reader, you know that I hold up Scott Coker and company as the quintessential promoters when it comes to getting their favorite fighters wins. Look for Couture to flex some submission game from the top and bring home the win.
Pick = Ryan Couture
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David Douglas vs. Nick Gonzalez
“Tarzan” Douglas likes to come forward and throw like a caveman. That should be more than enough against Gonzalez, who has fought, and lost, to some big name fighters. If Gonzalez makes a concerted effort to keep the fight on the floor, he has a chance. However, Douglas will eventually land a bar-fight punch and collect a victory.
Pick = David Douglas

Erik Apple vs. Ryan Larson
I am still somewhat confused as to why Erik Apple is a mainstay on Strikeforce Challengers cards. It isn’t anything personal, but at 33 years old, is he really going to ever blossom into a big show fighter? I guess I shouldn’t complain, because they could always bring back Kevin Casey. Apple should be able to pick up a win here, since Larson’s biggest win is against Anthony Macias.
Pick = Erik Apple
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Bryan Travers vs. Carlo Prater
This fight is Travers’ to lose. Prater has looked pretty terrible since winning the Palace Fighting Championships (now Tachi Palace Fights) title. Travers has a clear wrestling advantage. Even though Prater can threaten off his back, he struggles against wrestlers. The previous sentence makes zero sense, but it is true. On the feet, Travers might want to test the waters a bit, but his path to victory involves taking the fight to the ground.
Pick = Bryan Travers

3 thoughts on “Mann Talk – Strikeforce Challengers 14 Predictions”
  1. Picking Pat Healy. I thought he looked really good against Josh until he gassed. He’s got the wrestling to hold off Beerbohm, and he looks friggin huge for LW. You make a good point about the takedowns though. I just can’t get over the size difference.

    “Check out the “analysis,” because I did predict Silva vs. Fedor with crystal-ball precision.”

    Show off.

  2. At least I didn’t slam you big guy. :)

    I almost went Healy, he is tough as nails and has fought the better competition. However, I ultimately went with Beerbohm because I feel like he has more offense.

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