Andrei Arlovski talks about loss to Kharitonov, anger toward trainer, says he will not retire

Andrei Arlovski held a video chat last night on his website where he addressed several issues and answered questions from fans. He talked about his loss to Sergei Kharitonov at Strikeforce last weekend and he expressed his anger toward one of his trainers in Chicago who apparently told some people that Andrei should retire.

Evidently the trainer did not say this to Andrei’s face and this is what upset him. Andrei is about to take a trip to Russia and when he gets back he plans to get back to training and trying to figure out the problems he has been having in the cage.

But one thing is certain, Andrei Arlovski has absolutely no intentions of retiring. However, he did say he plans to get checked out completely medically with all the proper tests to make sure he is okay to continue and he appreciates those that are concerned about him.

His coach Greg Jackson said he has identified the problem and plans to fix it. He told Sherdog:

“I’m really identifying the mistake. It went a little deeper than I thought it did,” Jackson said. “Identifying that mistake and changing what we do there is going to be a big, important factor. I don’t think he has a weak chin. I think he’s fighting in a heavyweight division where these guys would knock down a house if they hit it.”

What do you think, should “The Pit Bull” hang it up or can Jackson fix this?

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