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It was the return of  “The Last Emperor” at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva. However, Fedor Emelianenko would return to receive his second consecutive loss within the last year.

He faced Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, a mammoth of a man who outweighed Emelianenko by at least fifty pounds at fight time.

The fight began with Fedor throwing huge, explosive punches against the taller Silva.  Silva wasn’t really hit with anything clean in the exchanges, and he threw some big punches of his own with equal result.

Silva tried to take advantage of his size by pressing Emelianenko against the cage, but the referee separated them due to inactivity.

Fedor was able to obtain a take-down later in the round and quickly threatened with a kimura/keylock submission before Silva was able to escape back to his feet.

Silva landed a take-down right before the bell sounded to end the first round, and it was mere foreshadowing for things to come.

Emelianenko came out swinging in the second round, and Silva timed it perfectly to secure the take-down.  Once on the ground, Silva would use his size to keep Fedor where he wanted him.

Silva transitioned from side control, to mount, to back-mount hitting Emelianenko with a barrage of punches and threatening with submissions.  Silva dominated the round causing a lot of damage to Fedor’s face.

The doctor took at look at Fedor in-between rounds and stopped the fight due to one of Fedor’s eyes being closed shut.  Emelianenko mentioned that he is contemplating retirement in his post-fight interview.

Silva will go on to face the winner of Fabricio Werdum vs. Alistair Overeem in the next round of the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament.

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  1. I’m hungry for some humble pie. Anyone wanna serve me some? Kelvin? Richard? :) Good call guys. Thoughts on if it had more to do with Silva looking good or Fedor looking old?

    Did we just see the last of Arlovski, and Fedor at the same event?

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