UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (28-4) successfully defended his title Saturday night in the UFC 126 main event against Vitor Belfort (19-9) in front of a sold out crowd at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

Silva planted a left front kick to the chin of Belfort that dropped him to the canvas. Silva then drove two nails in the coffin with a one-two punch combo and the fight was over, the ref jumped in to stop it, and Anderson Silva’s reign as the UFC’s most winning fighter in history continued with 13-straight victories and 11 finishes.

Silva said after the bout that his good friend, martial arts movie legend, and seventh degree Aikido black belt, Steven Seagal taught him the kick. In these series of videos we see Seagal talking about the kick, saying it was something he learned 30 or 40 years ago and has been working to perfect ever since. He also says he told Silva to use the kick just as he was about to walk out into the Octagon.

Seagal says he might have competed in MMA had the sport been around when he was young. He also talks about his television show and why they have moved from filming in Louisiana to Arizona. Fans of Seagal’s movies need not fear, he says he will still continue to make films as well.

Steven Segal talks with Kirmura.se

Steven Seagal talks with Ariel Helwani

Steven Seagal talks with Karyn Bryant

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