Tinagadjiev’s Sites Set on Narkun and Title Contention at M-1 Challenge XXIII

Sharpening his teeth fighting in the European MMA circuit, 2010 M-1 Selection Eastern Europe tournament finalist, Shamil Tinagadjiev, returns to the larger fighting stage at the Crocus City Arena in Moscow, Russia as part of M-1 Challenge XXIII’s awesome undercard. Facing Tomasz Narkun in a light heavyweight clash, Tinagadjiev has been awarded an amazing opportunity that could land him a shot at the belt in the very near future should he wind up with his arm raised. With current champ Vyacheslav Vasilevsky opting to relinquish the 205-pound title in exchange to drop down a weight class, fans can watch as the card’s light heavyweight bouts give clarity to the title picture, starting at 11:00am EST / 8:00am PST, Saturday March 5th on the official M-1 Global website (www.M-1Global.com).

A product of the Peresvet Fight Team, Russian fighter Shamil Tinagadjiev revealed his potent submission arsenal and unstoppable cardio as he proved to be a force to reckon with on the canvas throughout 2010 as he built up a respectable 7-3 fighting record.

Putting on a tremendous M-1 Selection tournament run, Tinagadjiev opened up against striker, Igor Savelyev, in an evenly matched fight where Tinagadjiev avoided shots to set up and secure effortless takedowns. Once on the mat, Tinagadjiev worked effectively from top position, broke down his opponent’s defense and eventually secured a rear-naked-choke that advanced him to the semis.

Next up was a dramatic back-and-forth seesaw war against Legion Fight Team’s Murad Magomedov. Securing a commanding takedown and seizing full mount Tingadjiev rained down unstoppable punishment that forced the referee to intervene and halt the bout via TKO, sending him confidently into the championship spotlight.

With courageous, hard-fought, back-to-back tournament victories, Tinagadjiev collided with Vyacheslav Vasilevsky in the Eastern European Light Heavyweight finals. In a gruelling, predominant ground war, both fighters worked aggressively towards submissions and flip-flopped from top to bottom while inflicting damage at every opportunity. Going the full 15 minutes, the judges awarded a unanimous decision to Vasilevsky, stopping Tinagadjiev short of his championship goal.

Since losing the tournament finals, Tinagadjiev got back to action with a signature RNC win and is confidently headed into his bout against Narkun. If the sturdy Russian warrior enters the ring having forgotten the loss to Vasilevsky, Tinagadjiev is well positioned to hail victorious and move closer to the ultimate end goal – a shot at the M-1 Challenge light heavyweight title.

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