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Pro MMA Now site sponsor Elite MMA is well-known for providing fighters with some top notch gear at affordable prices. The brains behind Elite MMA also run a couple of other similar sites, one of which is As the majority of my own training revolves around boxing, I jumped at the opportunity to review some products from Boxing Depot. Although the site is obviously geared towards boxing, there are plenty of products for MMA fighters to make use of.

First up, the Lonsdale Professional Lace-up Sparring Gloves. I recently got a pair of the Lonsdale gloves for a fighter I represent, former boxer and current professional MMA fighter, Rob Nickerson. Here is what Nickerson had to say about the gloves.

“The Lonsdale gloves are an excellent cross training glove. After using them for weeks I can with confidence say they are one of the best gloves I have ever used. Not only are they a good boxing glove but I am able to use them for big glove MMA sparring and compared to other gloves I have used, the Lonsdale gloves allow for better palm use during takedowns. These are a well constructed glove that I use on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day and hold up well to the rigors of my training.”

I was lucky enough to pick up another pair of gloves for one of my fighters as well, amateur MMA fighter Brandon Demastes. Brandon got the Everlast Protex2 Training Gloves. Demastes said that they came exactly as advertised, “an advanced boxing glove offered at a competitive price”. Demastes also said he liked the wrist support as well as the fact that the EverDri liner helped these gloves to dry out quicker than his previous ones.

I also got to check out a pair of EverGel Glove Wraps. If you don’t have the time for conventional handwraps, or if you’re not great at wrapping your own hands, these are a great substitute. Good wrist support and padding, and mine have held up well with light to moderate use. I’ve used them while working on the speedbag and under my regular gloves for heavy bag work (remember people, these are handwraps, not bag gloves) and while I do still prefer to wear traditional handwraps under my gloves for heavy bag work, these always work in a pinch and are definitely timesavers when that’s an issue.

One of my favorite products was the Boxing Mantis Mitts. These may be a little pricey for the casual user, but for those who train regularly with a partner, they’re an excellent deal. Comfortable to wear, good shock absorption, easy to put on and take off unassisted, and they stand up to a lot of punishment.

Bottom line – has some great products, and some great deals. Something that should appeal to a lot of customers out there is the shipping. For basic shipping, it’s a flat rate of $2.95. Period. No matter how many items you order. To check out these products and everything else Boxing Depot has to offer, visit

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