"Fast" Eddie Constantine covering a BJJ Tournament for Pro MMA.

It’s day two of our week long vigil for our friend “Fast” Eddie Constantine who passed away one year ago. More letters have come in from friends to share and we’ve also posted a video with Eddie interviewing one of his friends and heroes, Dave Camarillo. And if you are working today or doing something around the house, listen to the replay of The INFO from June 2009 that is also posted below. Danny Acosta was a guest in studio, the news of Kimbo Slice on TUF 10 just broke and they also interview Jake Shields. Enjoy the memories.

Always Know Who Walks Through Your Doors: Remember Eddie Constantine 2011

By Danny Acosta

How often do we open the doors to our worst fears? Is it worse to open them or not know what to do once we have? I opened the door to my worst fear on January 25, 2010, when I found my mentor, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach and friend Eddie Constantine decided to check out early. Exactly one year later, I’m finally gathering what to do once we have.

The fact is as painful and personal as this is for me to share, I’ll probably write one of these every year until I die Eddie impacted my life that much in a year that each one that passes after he left us will still be tied to him in an incredibly large way. I bust my ass to bring fans mixed martial arts content they will enjoy and one of my biggest fans was Eddie, which was, and is still is, incredibly humbling.

So much of what I know about MMA or learn about MMA relates to conversations I had with Eddie. And life too. We watched Renzo Gracie: Legacy and Mario Sperry: Day of Zen together: pivotal moments I will always remember as an MMA fan and friend of Eddie. Over a million people watched my videos on YouTube—some of which are featured on AOL—this year and I will never forget that Eddie encouraged me to involve myself on and behind the camera when I resisted. I still remind myself from time to time to open my video interviews for FIGHT! Magazine with “What it is? What it is?,” Eddie’s tagline.

Despite having to write this, I had a good day, and I know that’s what my friend would have wanted—and certainly would have ensured if he was still physically here. My wrecked car (I was recently in an accident but I’m fine) was being towed as I woke up this morning. Not the best way to start the day although shortly after I was asked to be on television as a fight analyst. As I looked down at my phone which delivered the news, I immediately thought it was a practical joke “Fast” Eddie was playing on me. Tow my car to give me bad news just to make the good news that much better. Eddie’s presence was felt today like every other day: bright and reassuring.

Eddie really lived like a martial artist. One of the most important lessons I learned from him is never to big time anybody. Eddie loved to listen to everybody and talk to everybody—in that order. He thrived on networking, hustling—connecting. Renzo Gracie, who awarded Eddie his purple belt, was incredibly saddened and gracious when I informed him of Eddie’s passing. While I was listening to the living legend, I couldn’t help but think how dead on Eddie’s impression of his instructor was. Even in the most serious moments, Eddie can make things fun and that was especially true when he taught me Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for free.

Everyone deserves a friend like Eddie. Eddie cherished the picture of Renzo presenting him his purple belt the same way I cherish the pictures I have with Eddie. Unfortunately, Eddie couldn’t defeat his demons. He was still a fighter though. I truly know that. And that’s why I know he’s finding or found peace now, probably by talking shop with Ryan Bennett, Evan Tanner, Helio Gracie, Charles “Mask” Lewis and countless others.

People will never know Eddie like they know those names. For a select few in MMA though, the name is just as synonymous with our beloved sport. A year after Eddie’s death, I am starting to realize that once we’ve passed through the doors of our worst fears, there is only love, passion and progress—everything we had when we started, and everything we will be eternally provided by those we have loved and lost.

Godspeed and party on.

*Danny Acosta


THE INFO (June 4, 2009)

THE INFO returned to the PRO MMA (promma.info) airwaves with another episode this week with guests Jake Shields (22-4-1) and Ky Hollenbeck (4-0). Matt De La Rosa and “Fast” Eddie Constantine were joined by Fight! Magazine’s Danny Acosta.




Eddie Constantine (left), Kris Tinkle, Danny Acosta

From Kris Tinkle (Stand Up Comedian/Writer/MMA Podcaster)

“I think about Medium Speed Eddie every day. (Come on, “Fast” Eddie? REALLY!?!) Not sure what sets it off but at some point every day I think about him. The thing that hurts the most about it is that I never really got to spend that much time with him. Definitely not as much as I wanted to. We lived in different towns and ran into each other maybe once every 4 to 6 weeks but I always asked my other friends if Eddie was going to be at the event or place that we were going to. I joked about wanting to adopt Eddie as my new best friend because we hit it off so well right out of the gate. I just assumed thought that we would get to know each other more over time. I am grateful for having known him and every time I hear the phrase “my friend” it makes me smile. I miss you buddy.”

This message is from “Gorgeous” George Garcia of MMA Junkie Radio

“Fast’ Eddie was a fella who I admired cause he was always so upbeat and positive. he could lift your spirits up with a simple text, email or even a quick phone call. I knew that if I ever made it to San Jose for an event, that I would make time during my trip to hang with him cause he was so cool. although that never quite happened, I’ve met so many others that did know him personally and their stories of him brought a smile to my face. rip, Eddie.” -GG

NOTEWe will be remembering  ”Fast” Eddie Constantine all week at the site here by posting his videos, photos, The INFO replays, and letters from friends. If you would like to contribute a message, a photo of Eddie, of you and Eddie, or anything else, please send it to [email protected] and we will include it.

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  2. Thank you for your article, I recently learned that my roomate, brother, and closest friend from college passed. He practiced with and taught me everything he knew as he learned BJJ from Renzo. He entertained us all with his impersonations and always gave us something to smile about. Sometimes we get too caught up in everyday life to do the things we really want to, like re-connect with an old friend.

    Life was good when you had Eddie as a friend and if you were lucky enough to know him you were blessed.

    As for those of us whose lives he touched, his name will definitely be remembered. He’s more than famous to me.

    Thank you again


  3. Thanks for stopping by Ron. Eddie is greatly missed and his work will remain on this site forever. Any friend of his is a friend of ours.

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