Greg Jackson, better known as “Yoda” to his students (notice the picture of Yoda propped against the wall), instructs the young Jedi Rashad Evans on how to use the Force correctly. If you think this is some joke, it’s not. The Jedi-in-training is able to move the ball up and down the tube just by thinking about it thanks to the headset that reads brainwave activity.

A description of the “Star Wars Force Trainer” at GadgetVenue reads:

“The system uses dry sensor technology and can detect alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves present in your brain. By focusing and concentrating you are able to control these different states and depending on how good you are at it you can force the ball to move up and down the tube. A special chip inside the headset calculates your concentration levels by using an algorithm and if you get it right you can control the ball.”

The Star Wars Force Trainer even has a built in Yoda voice that will speak to you from time to time! How cool is that? At least now I know what to get Joe Rogan for his birthday! You can have one too for only $79.99!

So what do you think,  could this be used as a legitimate training method that would help a fighter’s MMA game?

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