Photo of the day: Arianny Celeste sunbathing

UFC Octagon girl Arianny Celeste soaking up the rays in Kauai. Photo credit: @AriannyCeleste

I know it’s freezing cold in many parts of the country right now. There’s been snow on the ground at my house for about a week straight. But here’s a little something that should warm you right up – Miss Arianny Celeste sunbathing on the beaches of Hawaii.

Just imagine the hot rays beaming down on the nice soft tan pores while a gentle breeze from the ocean washes over her body. But wait – what’s that – two drunk frat boys come up from behind and blurt out with exaggerated braggadocio, “Yo girl you are looking fine. I heard you were dating that Tiki dude. Why does he stripe his goatee? Wanna play a game of quarters with us?

It was the 18th random guy to approach Arianny that day and immediately following the word “Yo” the rest of his blabber soared through one of her delicate ears and out the other.

She watched the floating blabber glide toward the ocean as it transformed into a fluorescent green skinny boy wearing bright orange flowered Jams shorts. He landed on a surfboard in the water, rode to the top of the first big wave, fell off and drowned.

Arianny smiled inside as she watched the frat boy die in the ocean just as the real one finished his last sentence, turned around defeated and went back to the open air bar where he told his buddies they were supposed to meet up later.

Arianny then went back to daydreaming about when she first really noticed Tiki and realized even though he was a hunk of a cagefighter and a badass, he had his priorities straight. What really sparked her interest though was how he handled that little Hooters hookerette on Blind Date.

Just as Arianny was imagining her and Tiki having a naked picnic on a deserted white sand beach the 19th guy of the day approached and interrupted, “Yo Arianny…


SPECIAL GIFT: Just because we love you as Pro MMA Now readers, here is a special gift for you – another Arianny Celeste bikin photo from the same Hawaii trip. You might actually like this one better!

By the way, our extensive photo archives of Arianny Celeste are legendary. And for some odd reason if you search “Arianny Celeste topless” on Google, well ( comes up number one. I’m not saying I’m proud of that fact… Okay, I am a little proud of that.

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