"Lighting" Lee Murray walking to the cage in fitting, if not prophetic, attire.

Leave it up to the guys from MiddleEasy to score an interview with UFC vet and mastermind of the largest cash money heist in history, “Lightning” Lee Murray.

While Murray sits rotting away is working out every day in a Moroccan prison, he somehow managed to gain access to a mobile phone. And the story of how this interview came about and was accomplished is almost as intriguing as the interview itself.

It seems Murray is working out and even has sparring partners in prison. He says he could be ready in six months if he were released and offered a contract in the UFC:

“I always kept myself in good shape even when I was isolated by myself. It’s easy now I have a sparring partner who has stand-up skills that could hold his own with most fighters in the welterweight and middleweight division in the UFC. I have kettle-bells, dumbbells, skipping ropes, bands, the only thing I’m missing here is the wrestling & BJJ, it wouldn’t take me long to get back to the top and  besides, I’m more hungry than ever. The first opponent would get a hole punched in his head.”

As far as when Murray may be released from prison, he says:

“Morocco is the land of unexpected, they could come knock on my door tomorrow and say you’re going home. If someone knows the king and puts in a good word for me, like when I’m released, I’m gonna represent Morocco and a great fighter is rotting away and he should be freed, then who knows. Maybe I will be released to fight another day.”

He describes the facilities and what it’s like inside the big house:

“There’s 23 people in the room at the moment, that’s as full as it gets. The room has beds for 16 people, so the rest are on the floor. Usually there’s about 18-19 which ain’t too bad when you compare it to some rooms with 50 people in a room, it’s like a giant sardine can :) I’ve seen some crazy s*** since I’ve been here. I’ve been here coming up five years now, and you can see a lot of crazy s*** in that time. Now it’s normal for me to see a guy walking around with his mouth sewn up because he refused to eat. Literally sewn up with a needle & thread!!”

They also discuss several other topics including the movie that is being made about his life, the UFC, Strikeforce, Anderson Silva, his buddy Robbie Lawler, and of course, Tito Ortiz.

Murray seems to be keeping up with the sport and it’s clear he still has dreams of one day getting back in the cage and even becoming UFC champion. Whether he will ever fight again (in a legit sanctioned MMA bout) remains to be seen. His chances of fighting in the UFC again, let’s face it, are practically nil.

But crazier things have happened, right? Like that time…

Well, actually, come to think of it, very few things have probably happened that are crazier than the legend of “Lightning” Lee Murray.

You must check out the entire interview here: Ultra-Rare Exclusive interview with Lee Murray, directly from his Moroccan prison.

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