Nick Diaz wants a couple million dollars to move up to 185 to fight Miller; rips on Josh Koscheck *VIDEO*

Diaz's trademark message to the haters.

You never know when Nick Diaz is going to go off. But there are a couple scenarios where the likelihood of a Stockton meltdown is more apt to happen. One of those scenarios involves the issue of moving up in weight to fight Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

Nick Diaz says he would be happy to move up in weight classes but he wants to get paid for it. He doesn’t like how people say he wouldn’t accept the fight with Miller  because he was too small.

He explains if he is going to move up that much in weight to where it will take him off track and affect his ability to defend his 170-pound title, he wants what he feels is appropriate compensation, at least a couple million dollars.

Diaz also has some interesting things to say when asked how he thinks he matches up with some of the UFC’s top welterweights. He takes particular offense to Josh Koscheck being called a top welterweight.

The following clip is taken from today’s Strikeforce media conference call. We will post the entire audio soon, but had to get this rant up first. This is classic Diaz!

[Editor’s Note: The audio quality on Strikeforce’s conference calls is sometimes akin to two tin cans and a string. It starts out pretty rough but does improve.]

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