Lightweight Antonio McKee weighs in for the first, and possibly only, time for the UFC at UFC 125. (Photo by

Longtime MMA veteran Antonio McKee (25-4-2) put together one of the best resumes outside of the major promotions and competed professionally for more than a decade before making his UFC debut at UFC 125 on Jan. 1. However, after one loss, a split decision setback against Jacob Volkmann — better known these days as the guy that called out for his next fight … President Obama (???) — McKee has already been released by the UFC, according to

It’s been a wild ride, filled with whacky Youtube videos, complaints that McKee is too boring — a large majority of his wins are by decision — and McKee himself threatening to quit if he didn’t finish Luciano Azevedo when defending his Maximum Fighting Championship title this past September.

To the surprise of many, McKee followed through with his promise, stopping Azevedo with a cut thanks to a nasty elbow. Then, suddenly, following years of competing for the International Fight League, MFC, and others, beating the likes of Marcus Aurelio and Derrick Noble, McKee’s UFC run has come to a very fast and anti-climactic ending.

Why, at the age of 40, did McKee finally get a UFC contract? And after all of that trouble, why let him go after one split decision loss? It seems like a lot of trouble for little gain, but it should make for a great Youtube response video from Mr. McKee.

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