When you run a billion trillion dollar fight company like the UFC, your life experience from day to day is just a bit different than your uncle Larry who clocks a 9-to-5 at the local paper mill. You can do things the normal man would think completely insane such as make a bet with the world’s foremost gangster rapper that the Celtics will beat the Lakers, and then actually pay them when you realize it’s 2011 and Larry Bird is a septuagenarian. I have no idea if gambling with rappers is legal (it seems like it’s something that should be illegal), much less if a top executive in a trillion dollar business should record it on video and post it on Youtube, but here we have it.

Dana White UFC 125 video blog 12/28-12/29

Poll Question: What’s crazier, White paying Snoop Dogg $20,000 or him promising Snoop that a card headlined by Maynard vs. Edgar will be exciting? — Ta-boom — Just a little joke, take it easy. I actually am excited about the fight and the card and if that pissed you off my name is Denny Hodge.

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