After seeing UFC welterweight star Josh Koscheck lose to Georges St-Pierre for the second time in such dominating fashion, one has to wonder what is next for the cotton-top slugger.

Whether you love or hate, or just love to hate Koscheck, you must admit he is a very talented fighter. That is not the question.

The question is, when your life goal is to become the champion and the man who sits on the throne seems to have been cloned from the genes of Alexander the Great and Christopher Langan, with just a touch of Jean-Claude Van Damme thrown in for a cool accent, it is probably time to start thinking about plan b.

Should you go back to the drawing board, start from the beginning, analyze all your weaknesses and try to fix those areas of your game where St-Pierre beat you the first time?  Normally, that would be the thing to do. As Brock Lesnar said after Cain Velasquez ripped him a new one, “That’s what a champion does, right?”

Of course now it appears Lesnar may be considering his own plan b as rumors of him returning to the WWE swirl the interwebs.

Koscheck has some choices to make. He can remain at welterweight, continue to improve and hope to earn another title shot against St-Pierre in the future, he could continue fighting where he is and hope someone else dethrones St-Pierre, or he could change weight classes.

Speaking exclusively with, Koscheck’s grappling coach, Dave Camarillo shared his thoughts on what the welterweight star needs to do:

“Koscheck needs to get some high profile fights and stay on track. Koscheck vs Hughes would be great to see!”

A fight with UFC Hall of Famer and nine-time welterweight champ Matt Hughes would put Koscheck in there with a legend, both with wrestling backgrounds, both capable strikers and both with losses to St-Pierre.

Although Hughes is no longer in the top-10, it would be a good high profile win for Koscheck if he could get past him, and the fact Hughes does have a win over St-Pierre does not hurt either, even if it was over six years ago (and has lost to him twice since).

With a record of 15-5 and two of the five losses coming from St-Pierre, Koscheck could also possibly think about revisiting a couple of the other opponents who have bested him, namely Paulo Thiago and Thiago Alves.

There are a few other top 10 guys that would make good match-ups for Koscheck and would be exciting fights. The problem is, even if Koscheck works his way back up the ladder, it is going to be a long time before anyone is ready to see “St-Pierre vs. Koscheck 3”.

What about you readers, where do you think Koscheck should go from here and who would you like to see him fight next?

What should Josh Koscheck’s next move be?

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  1. You guys r doning great i hope u keep it up i hope i could be as great as koscheck.

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