WEC 53 post-fight press conference notes

Anthony "Showtime"' Pettis was WEC 53's MVP.

GLENDALE, Ariz. — WEC General Manager Reed Harris, new WEC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, Ben Henderson, reigning WEC and new UFC bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz, Donald Cerrone, Eddie Wineland and Kamal Shalorus gathered with the media following WEC 53 at Jobing.com Arena late Thursday evening for a post-fight press conference.

Here are some notes and quotes from the presser.

Fight Night Bonuses: $10,000 each

  • Fight of the Night: Anthony Pettis vs. Ben Henderson
  • Knockout of the Night: Eddie Wineland’s first round knockout slam of Ken Stone
  • Submission of the Night: Shane Roller’s first round rear-naked choke submission of Jamie Varner

Ben Henderson

“I don’t really remember. It was a great kick. It will probably be a highlight reel for a long time huh?”

“No I was fully aware. I was woozy, I’m not gonna lie. I saw it on Mortal Kombat once.”

I need to talk with my coaches about what I did wrong. … There’s a science behind it and I need to figure it out.

Reed Harris

Certainly Dominick wants it and I think Urijah wants it so we’ll have to see.

I had it 2-2 going into the fifth round [Pettis vs. Henderson]

All these guys here are going to make a mark in the UFC.

Eddie Wineland’s been on a big run. I think we have big plans for Mr. Wineland. He seems to be getting better and better. That slam was beautifully executed.

I’m extremely happy with Phoenix. To have Jim McMahon show up at our show was amazing.

“The person responsible for getting Cowboy in the WEC was Charles [“Mask” Lewis].”

Ken Stone is back at the hotel and he is fine.

Menjivar vs. Pickett will be available tomorrow on UFC.com for free and this weekend some mroe of the prelim fights will be available.

Anthony Pettis

“I actually thought it was the fourth round. I came with some crazy stuff and it paid off. We practice it in camp but to do it in a fight is totally different. We call it the ‘Showtime kick’.”

Can’t wait to take the belt to his Father’s grave and show him.

He said he just tuned the crowd out, who was heavily cheering for Henderson.

Dominick Cruz

Cruz said he was working a full time job the first time he fought Faber.

“I know I’m a complete different fighter than I was then. I know that I’m on another level than him.”

“There’s certain things he can do and certain things he can come up, but good luck with that.”

I’m always disappointed when I don’t get the finish. I almost broke a record for landing the number of punches and kicks. What else can I do?

“I still don’t know what to think about it. It doesn’t seem real. It’s something you dream about. It’s awesome. There’s no words to explain it.” [becoming a UFC champ]

I work for the WEC and UFC and I pretty much do what I’m told but I’ve been going into these last two fights with an injury that I need to get taken care of.

Regarding potentially coaching opposite Urijah Faber on TUF: “I would very much like that. An opportunity like that I might have to deal with the hand again. … This is just something that needs to get taken care of.”

Eddie Wineland

The tape that I saw it was like a slapping left kick but anybody who saw it wasn’t a slapping kick.

He was going for the guillotine and my corner told me to frame away on his face so I framed away on his face.

Regarding knocking out Ken Stone: “When I realized the seriousness of it, it worried me. Later on I got the information that he was okay, he was cleared and that made the celebration a little easier.”

I’m fortunate that my job I’m allowed of for the time I need. I’m a full time firefighter. When the time comes I would like to open a gym.

The ultimate goal is that hardware. Congratulations to Dominick but my eye is on the prize.

Donald Cerrone

I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the fight. I got the win and I can’t complain. But I need to figure out why I couldn’t finish the triangle sooner.

My wrestling has been coming along, but I guess I need to start working on my striking again.

I think WEC helped make me who I am today.

The Cole Miller fight is the fight I’m chasing down. Because he beat Leonard Garcia a few years ago when I was coming up.

Kamal Shalorus

I’m going to miss the WEC but UFC is a big challenge for me and I’m ready for any challenge.

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