Nemesis Fighting allegedly hasn’t paid Jardine, Buentello, E. Marshall, Dodson, and more (updated)

Nemesis Fighting on Dec. 11 held a pretty stacked event in the Dominican Republic, with UFC veterans like Keith Jardine, Paul Buentello, and Eliot Marshall and flyweight John Dodson among the participants. Unfortunately, it appears that the promoters have yet to pay the fighters for their services.

Dodson told that the organization’s representatives, including Tim Fields, seemed above board and organized, and things were going well as the fighters enjoyed the resort hotel in Punta Cana and free food and drinks. But when it came time to talk about compensation, things took a turn for the worse.

After the fights, Dodson said that the fighters were told they would receive their pay the next morning. First, the promoters would need to collect the ticket office money and the fighters would receive half of their pay in cash and the other half by check. However, he later found out that each fighter was given a different time of when they could expect their money.

Dodson said that no one managed to get a hold of Fields, and by that afternoon, he and the other fighters were at his business partner’s hotel room, only to find out that Fields was already back in the U.S. and his associate was fully packed and trying to make his own way out.

Nemesis Fighting has not responded to several email requests from seeking comment.

Responding to via Twitter, Marshall said “the fight was great but nobody got paid.” confirmed with several fighters and managers that the checks bounced and they have yet to rectify the situation with the promoters.

Buentello didn’t name the specific promotion, but recently made a blog post about a bounced check from a recent fight. Stay close to as more facts regarding  this story come to light.


It’s a bit of an afterthought at this point, but for what it’s worth, Jardine stopped a five-fight losing streak with a decision win over Francisco “Kiko” France. Buentello, Marshall, and Dodson also picked up wins.

UPDATE [7:15 p.m. CT]: spoke with Franciso “Kko” France this evening. He fought Keith Jardine in the “Global Invasion” main event and he confirmed all the horror stories we have been hearing. Read about his experience here: “Exclusive: Francisco “Kiko” France talks about his nightmare at Nemesis.”

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  1. Jardine was indeed having something rubbed on his body before the fight, but I can’t say that it was grease. The judges that were there were friends of the local trainers and were drinking rather than scoring the matches. The timer paid no attention to the clock, only the girls and the fights. None of the fighters I talked to have been paid. They also didn’t pay any of the people providing the equipment (ring, gloves, etc.). No medical was provided. I watched a couple of Dominicans use foam from food dishes in their wraps.

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