Photo credit: Giankarlo Lopez/Angel R. Cordero
Photo credit: Giankarlo Lopez/Angel R. Cordero

Apparently my friend Angel R. Cordero over at got to hang out with one miss Miesha Tate when she and her friends visited Puerto Rico back in October. He said they were all very nice and had a great time, but most importantly, he turned me on to these photos. Now you know why he’s my friend. And that lovely young lady with Miesha is none other than Nicdali “The Night Queen” Rivera, an experienced fighter in her own right.

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By Jack Bratcher


5 thoughts on “Photos of the day: Miesha Tate bikini pics in Puerto Rico”
  1. It is so awesome to she such a beautiful girl who is such a badass look so amazing! Can never get enough of Miesha!

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