There are very few websites you can visit to get a quick listing of all the top MMA news at a glance. Unless you have no job or a job that allows you to surf the Internet at random, few people have time to visit all the best MMA websites each day to keep up with the sport.

MMA Headliner (, whose slogan reads, “The latest MMA news in a blink of an eye!” features a collection of RSS feeds of the top mixed martial arts sites updated virtually in real time. Which means, every time a new story breaks on any of the top MMA sites, you will see a link to that story on MMA Headliner almost instantaneously.

For someone like myself, whose business is to be aware of up-to-the-minute MMA news, MMA Headliner is a must. I personally keep their tab opened on my browser pretty much all day long. Which is why I’m proud to announce that ( has been added to the list of top MMA sites featured on MMA Headliner (

This does not mean we want you to stop visiting us here at ( On the contrary, now while you are on MMA Headliner ( checking out what else is going on in the MMA world, you will know exactly when we have posted a new article here at (

They also, of course, are on Twitter at (@mmaheadliner) so you can keep up with all the MMA headlines while you are on the go.

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