Growing up in a small town can frame a much different perspective for life. Amiss are the government programs and support groups of the big city. We don’t go to anger management or sensitivity training. I went to work on my step father’s construction site, re-stacking bricks and lumber. In the winter I shoveled snow from driveways and in the summer I mowed grass. I was allowed to use the family rider of course, but I had to pay for the gas. At the end of the day I was glad to have the work. Those jobs kept me out of trouble, provided an outlet, taught me discipline and showed me what can be accomplished when I apply myself. No government program to date has accomplished any of that.

Societies have a way of rounding individuals’ corners. Refusing to go along with society my entire life has framed my individual pride, morality and staunch conviction. Our society’s term for that conviction is: asshole. I remember hearing it float around my house as a child. It was the favorite expletive for women daunted with a failing argument. Customers used to volley it over the bar towards me, the bartender. My solution of course was not to argue, but to end the argument. If you are reading this excerpt with a smug look, then you probably met that end. I’m a fighter because I believe in “the line.” If you cross it…it’s your ass.

My only response nowadays is one of wonder. How did we get to a place where, men who call a spade a spade, are assholes? If societies get rid of all the assholes, then the only thing left may be the fodder. I hate to get philosophical, but we might need some fighters one day. Maybe we should slow down the sensitivity train before it runs down all the leaders. I have yet to meet a pacifist who could turn the tide. This grand utopia encourages unionization, pacifism, resentment and sin. If there is a program for everything, then who needs a God?

Parents are discouraged to teach or discipline their children. Those jobs are provided and paid for by the federal government and those employees are members of a union. If you exercise any of those tasks, you could be arrested. Apparently procreation is a way to feed the system through job creation and policy enforcement. If you can’t own it, then regulate it. Our government is run by those who failed to innovate.

My faith leads me to trust in my neighbors to produce for themselves and their community. The second amendment is for the people, not the state. Must we hold a gun at the back’s of the people for the sake of enforcing policy? I believe we have it in ourselves to teach and uphold real decency. My grandpa used to say, “It takes a man.” The growth of policy and regulation has come in the absence of men. The growth of mixed martial arts is coming along with the presence of men. Not all fighters are men, but all men should be fighters. There are some things in this world that are worth fighting for. Thump A Stranger.

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  1. ^^^^ HAHAHA agreed.

    Rationalize it however you like, but if enough people call you an asshole than well….

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