SRC announces several fights for “Soul of Fight” including Buakaw vs. Nakajima

On the heels of his victory in the 2010 S-Cup, Buakaw Pro. Pramuk will return to action in a SRC kickboxing rules bout against Hiroki Nakajima. The bout is one of several announced by SRC for their year end show “Soul of Fight,” which takes place on Dec. 30.

After an extensive fighting career in his native Thailand, Buakaw made his K-1 MAX debut in 2004. That year, he defeated Masato to win the K-1 MAX World Grand Prix. He won the tournament again in 2006. Last month, he defeated Bellator veteran Toby Imada to claim the 2010 S-Cup.

Buakaw’s opponent was one of the favorites heading into the 2010 K-1 Max 70kg Japan tournament, but he ultimately came up short in the final match. SRC kickboxing rules are said to be extremely similar to K-1 rules.

In an MMA contest, Kazunori Yokota will look to stop a two-fight losing streak against Mongolian Jadamba Narantungalag. The Team Asashoryu member made his SRC debut against Akihiro Gono. Narantungalag was set to serve as a stepping stone for Gono in his lightweight debut, but he instead took a commanding decision victory.

The card will also host a pair of SRC “Jacket Rule Fight.” The fighters will wear their sport’s traditional uniform and compete in modified MMA rules. Kiyotaka Shimizu will wear Sambo style clothing and take on Karate fighter Ichiro Sugita. 2010 FILA Pankration champion Sotaro Yamada will face off against Taekwondo practitioner Lee Sak Kim.

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  1. I wanna see Buakaw vs. Petrosyan. That’s really the only K1 fight under HW that interests me now with Petrosyan’s domination in recent years.

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