Earlier today, ProMMAnow.com received a rather interesting press release from Canadian fight promotion Maximum Fighting Championship Owner/President Mark Pavelich ripping UFC President Dana White for his company’s sponsorship policies.

To be fair, Pavelich is actually being more critical of the clothing companies who he says are buckling.

“They cave in and pay his organization a great deal of money just to have the opportunity to sponsor fighters, who they then pay an individual fee to as well. What these clothing brands fail to understand is that the entire organization that “DW” runs is sponsored by a competing clothing company.”

In that elegant and prolific way as only he could, White responded to Pavelich’s comments today on his Twitter (@danawhite):

Read the entire MFC press release here: “MFC President Mark Pavelich rips Dana White over UFC sponsorship policies“. By the way, @PROMMA is ProMMAnow’s official Twitter, so be sure to follow us so you can be like Dana White and send us Tweets too.

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