Shane Carwin sets record straight about Twitter account, talks about his relationship with the UFC and surgery recovery

MMA news and rumors often spread fast and furious, and that was the case today when some people noticed UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin‘s Twitter account (@shanecarwin) had apparently been blocked from following the UFC. And there was a comment from Carwin asking for Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker’s number.

Numerous websites speculated at what it could all mean. Some people wondered if maybe he had been fired or his relationship with the UFC was in trouble.

Carwin was kind enough to set the record straight for us this evening as contacted him through his manager Jason Genet. We also spoke with Shane about how his recovery from recent surgery is coming along, if he would consider fighting for Strikeforce if he and the UFC ever parted ways, his thoughts on the Rampage vs. Machida fight and more. What’s the word on this Twitter thing about your account being blocked by the UFC?

Shane Carwin: No issue just over reactive bloggers. Laura (@UFC Twitter) and I have a great relationship. I was giving her a hard time and she was away from the account and did not see it. Lots of people jumped on without asking me (like you are doing). So it was really a non-event. I was giving them a hard time and they took a while to respond. You mentioned on your Twitter, “What’s Scott Coker’s number?” Is Strikeforce a company you would like to fight for if you and the UFC did ever part ways?

Shane Carwin: My contract with the UFC will likely wind out my career and I have not thought much farther past the current contract. My focus is winning the UFC Title so I have to be in the UFC to do that. That part of the tweet was to a long time Team Carwin member who had just unfollowed me the day before. Being unfollowed doesn’t really mean anything but we monitor it. He was teasing me and I was teasing him. Notice I said anyone besides Bjorn who doesn’t seem to have Scott’s number. The fact is the UFC has been great to me. They have taken care of me above and beyond what they are contractually obligated to do. When my kid was born they sent a ton of stuff, they get us fighters Christmas presents and most importantly they have built the best stage in the sport of MMA. If you perform on their stage people will take notice of you. As far as you know, is everything fine between you and the UFC?

Shane Carwin: I could not imagine them not being. Anything you see me pushing “UFC” I do because I love the product. I wear the clothes, I create my own contests to get people talking about fights that have nothing to do with me. I do not even have an iPhone or iPad and I was promoting their game. I would never handle my contracts on Twitter and I can guarantee you there were no ill intentions when I was blocked.

I have never even considered fighting anywhere else other than the UFC. I fight because I love the sport. I choose to compete because I love it. My passion for the sport has very little to do with the monetary gains I have made. For me it is about the love of the sport, the challenge of possibly never being able to master all aspects of the sport. I compete in MMA for the same reasons millions of people golf, because they love the game.

I was recently helping the WEC promote their event here in CO and I do what I can when I can. Above that I have never complained about hold ups, match ups or pay. I have been a very loyal participant and I feel they have rewarded me accordingly. I could not be happier I hope they feel the same way. When you are not fighting you do not have a lot of interaction with the promotion. They call ask for help or support and you either can or cannot help them. I never get any attitude if I can’t and they are always appreciative if I can.

Twitter and my entire platforms connects me to the fans.. I do not have a PR filter or any barriers between me and fans. If you have a question you can ask me, if you want to insult me you can do it direct. Part of being active is showing your emotions and what is going on. People are not interested in I just ate lunch tweets. They want where should I eat, I am in the mood for chicken. It’s interactive and real. So as things unfold you will see them in the real time.

When Good4U was banned, it had very little effect on me and my deal with them. It did affect a lot of other fighters and when a company jumps through every hoop and is then approved and without notice no longer approved I have a right to be disappointed. I voiced my disappointment and Dana said So the $^%%# What! I wasn’t upset by the banning, like I said my deal was written based on they will never be approved in the first place.

I was upset by the suddenness of the ban and the inability to be open to figure it out. Times are tough for fighters and every sponsor not allowed is food off the table. Good4u was willing and did change their ingredients and adjust the logo they used to meet the needs of the UFC. It is what it is and I understand the decision. How is your recovery coming Shane and are you back in the gym yet? How long before you can start sparring?

Shane Carwin: I started rehab last week and I am feeling better every day. I do not have a definitive timeline yet. Rehab is the priority. What have you been doing to keep yourself busy? Have you been able to work at your other job?

Shane Carwin: Since the surgery I have been pretty down and out. I went back to work last week and so far so good. I really slept a lot and walked around in a haze from the pain meds. What was your opinion on your training partner, Nate Marquardt’s performance against Okami?

Shane Carwin: I did not see the fight. How did you like the fights this past weekend? Any thoughts on the main event with Lyoto and Rampage? Did you agree with the decision?

Shane Carwin: I thought it was a good card. Some great fights and some not so great. I could see how a judge gave Rampage one and two and Lyoto the third. It could have just as easily been a draw. It was nice to see both fighters on the attack even if it was for brief moments. Lyoto’s star will rise if he can blend attacks to his amazing counter striking game and Rampage is at his best when he is moving forward, pushing your punches away to get his power shot in.

You can follow Shane Carwin on Twitter at (just don’t unfollow him… EVER!) Also, check out his website at for inside info and where Carwin news often breaks first.

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