UFC 123 live results, play-by-play

UFC 123: Rampage vs. Machida” takes place this evening at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, Mich. The event features former UFC light heavyweight champions Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida facing off in the main event and UFC Hall-of-Famer and former welterweight champion Matt Hughes taking on former lightweight and welterweight champion B.J. Penn in a rubber match co-main event.

UFC 123 will air live on Pay-Per-View starting at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT, with two preliminary bouts airing live on Spike TV starting at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

ProMMAnow.com will provide live results and play-by-play commentary of UFC 123. You can check out our thoughts and predictions for each of tonight’s fights here: ProMMAnow.com UFC 123 staff picks.

The UFC 123 post-fight press conference will take place tonight following the fights and will broadcast in a live video stream in our UFC Room starting at approximately 1:15 a.m. ET/10:15 p.m. PT.

UFC 123 quick results:


  • Quinton Jackson def. Lyoto Machida by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
  • BJ Penn def. Matt Hughes by knockout (punches) Rd 1  (0:21)
  • Maequel Falcao def. Gerald Harris by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Phil Davis def. Tim Boetsch by submission (modified kimura) Rd 2 (2:55)
  • George Sotiropoulos def. Joe Lauzon by submission (kimura) Rd 2 (2:43)


  • Brian Foster def. Matt Brown by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 2 (2:11)
  • Mark Munoz def. Aaron Simpson by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


  • Dennis Hallman def. Karo Parisyan by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (1:47)
  • Edson Barboza def. Mike Lullo by TKO (leg kicks) Rd 3 (0:26)
  • Paul Kelly def. T.J. O’Brien by TKO (strikes) Rd 2 (3:16)
  • Nik Lentz def. Tyson Griffin by split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

UFC 123 play-by-play:

Dennis Hallman vs. Karo Parisyan

Round 1 – Karo with an uppercut. Then a left hand. Karo gets a clinch looking for a takedown but Hallman stops it, lands a knee. Clinched, Hallman goes for a s tanding guillotine, Karo gets free. Karo looks flabby. Hallman drops Karo with a right hand and follows it up with several punches and the ref stops it. Karo is screaming “no”. He’s pissed. It may have been a little early.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dennis Hallman def. Karo Parisyan by TKO (strikes) Rd 1 (1:47)

Mark Munoz vs. Aaron Simpson

Round 1 – Simpson is taller. Body shot lands from Simpson, then a leg kick and grabs a single leg, lets it go, clinched against the cage. They separate and square up. Clinched, knees from Munoz, he swings and lands a big left hook after missing with a couple punches first. Clinched, knee to the body from Munoz then a Thai clinch and knee to the face from Simpson. Right hand from Munoz. Munoz shoots and Simpson sprawls and gets a body lock from behind. Munoz escapes, leg kick, again. Simpson gets a nice double leg but Munoz gets right up and chases him down, they both swing for the fences. Nice elbow from Munoz followed by a knee and a combination that stuns Simpson. Simpson shoots, clinched. Knee from Munoz. Body shot from Simpson, he gets a trip takedown but Munoz bounces right up. Clinched, knee from Simpson and Munoz skims his head with a head kick. Simpson catches a leg kick and fires back with a punch. Close round, very close. I give the edge to Simpson 10-9.

Round 2 – Ryan Bader in Simpson’s corner. Body shot from Simpson. Body kick from Simpson. Munoz throws one back but Simpson catches it and gets the takedown. Munoz lands a backfist on the way up, they get on their feet and swing for the fences from the pocket with both scoring some nice shots, Munoz shoots, gets the takedown, lands a couple shots but Simpson is up. Munoz has a cut on his forehead and is bleeding. Simpson lands a groin shot and time is called. Simpson catches a kick, repeat. Munoz with a head kick that scores. Simpson keeps catching Munoz’s right kick and landing counter punches. Nice head kick that time from Munoz. Leg kick from Munoz. Simpson shoots, gets a double leg. Munoz has a hold of Simpson’s leg and ref calls for work and stands them up to the boos of f the crowd who don’t agree it seems. Munoz with a body kick and a knee to the groin as time is called. Leg kick from Munoz. One minute to go. Simpson catches that same kick again, gets the takedown, but Munoz gets right up and they exchange. Front kick to the body from Simpson and he eats a right hand. Knees to the body from both guys, clinched, more knees from Munoz. I give the round to Munoz 10-9.

Round 3 – They hug. Simpson catches that same kick again for the takedown and once again Munoz escapes and lands several big punches to the side of Simpson’s face. Munoz punches Simpson in the eye and he gets a time out for it. Simpson catches the leg kick again and Munoz fires back with punches, clinches, knees from Munoz to the body. Knees to the thighs. Ref calls for action, separates them. Nice body shot from Simpson. Left hook and leg kick from Munoz, hammerfists to the thighs from Munoz as they clinch. Knee to the thigh from Simpson, Munoz returns it. Munoz backs up and lands a nice combo. Simpson lands one in return. Simpson shoots, stuffed. They square up. Leg kick from Munoz. Two minutes to go. Simpson fires off a combo as Munoz covers up, clinch, fires back punches to Simpson. Simpson shoots, lifts Munoz’s leg up over his head and causes Munoz to fall to the mat. He gets up, clinched. Munoz lands a couple really good punches as they both swing in the pocket. Simpson lands a couple too but Munoz got the better of it. Clinched, ten seconds to go and Munoz starts swinging away. Simpson does the same as time runs out. Incredible fight. I give the round and fight to Munoz 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mark Munoz def. Aaron Simpson by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Matt Brown vs. Brian Foster

Round 1 – Brown needs this win badly. Brown the aggressor. Leg kick Brown. Misses with a head kick. Foster with a trip takedown. Stands up and Brown gets up. Straight left from Foster and Brown fires back. Foster with a right. Brown gets a takedown and has side control Moves to north-south. Foster reverses and takes Brown’s back, goes for an armbar. Brown scrambles as Foster turtles. Brown with some knees to the body. Foster gets up, clinch war. Nice right hand from Foster. Brown comes after him but eats a couple big shots and Foster takes him down. Scramble, gets on top in half guard. Brown reverses, Foster turtles and Brown tries to take his back. Brown locks on an armbar and Foster staying calm as he stands, stays patient and gets free. Foster postures, dives in with a punch but misses as Brown defends. Foster stands up, Brown kicks his legs out and he trips. Time runs out. Foster gets the round as I see it 10-9.

Round 2 – Robbie Lawler rocking an epic beard in Foster’s corner. Matt Hume in Brown’s corner giving him advice. Brown comes out quickly, eats a left, lands a leg kick. Foster takes a groin shot and time is called. Spinning back kick from Foster. Head kick attempt from Foster. Brown throws a front kick, Foster catches it and kicks his back leg out and Brown goes down hard. Foster gets on top of Brown who is trying to fight of his back. Foster gets aggressive and there is some emotion in this fight. Body punch and from Foster and he rares back and lands a right to Brown’s chin very hard. Foster locks on a guillotine and Brown taps out. That may be the last time we ever see Mat Brown in the Octagon.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brian Foster def. Matt Brown by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 2 (2:11)

Joe Lauzon vs. George Sotiropoulos

Round 1 – Eddie Bravo is George’s corner. Both guys come out swinging, they clinch, separate, square up with more punches. Lauzon lands a nice left and George grabs a single leg but Joe escapes. lauzon getting the better of the stand up, landing more punches, lands a nice knee. Stops George’s shot and lands another big punch. George shoots, gets a single and Joe lands a couple big elbows on George’s head as he stops the takedown. George pushes him against the cage. Joe gets out, they square up. Joe grabs a Thai clinch but gets tagged with a shot. Joe lands on top momentarily as George shoots, they scramble and Joe ends up on top in half guard, he stands, George grabs a single and gets Joe on his back. George on top tries to pass guard, Joe turtles. George pulls Joe to his back and gets side control. George in north-south position. George gets full mount, goes for an armbar but Joe ends up on top and lands an elbow or two before the bell. I give the round to Lauzon 10-9.

Round 2 – George breathing very hard in his corner. George fires the first punches. George grabs a single, Joe pulls guard but they roll right to their feet. Clinched. George goes for a single leg takedown but can’t get it. George with a couple body shots and Rogan thinks Lauzon is winded. George gets a takedown, passes to side control and north-south. George going for a kimura, then armbar, but misses it however Joe is so tired he can’t take advantage of the mistake and George locks Joe’s arm up again on the opposite arm with a kimura and taps him out. Beautiful submission. George is so dangerous from the top and remains undefeated in the UFC.

OFFICIAL RESULT: George Sotiropoulos def. Joe Lauzon by submission (kimura) Rd 2 (2:43)

Tim Boetsch vs. Phil Davis

Round 1 – How long will Boetsch stay on his feet? Pink shorts on Davis. Leg kick from Boetsch, then a head kick that misses. Leg kick from both guys. Body kick from Davis, then a head kick. Left hook from Boetsch. Nice leg kick from Davis, Boetsch catches a body kick, tries to trip the back leg but Davis is free. Boetsch catches another kick and tags him in the back of the head with a punch. Boetsch catches another kick and eats a punch. Body kick from Davis, then a leg kick. Davis grabs a body lock pushes Boetsch against the cage bounces off and slams Boetsch. Davis on top hin half guard. Davis lands some big punches to the ribs as Boetsch is on his side. Davis lands elbows and punches. Boetsch getting beat up here as he tries to get up under Davis. Boetsch gets up, Davis gets a clinch, pushes Boetsch against the cage as the bell sounds. Davis gets the round 10-9.

Round 2 – Lloyd Irvin in Davis’s corner. Head kick from Davis is blocked. Boetsch with a right hand and Davis clinches him with a body lock, underhooks, takes Boetsch from the back but moves back to front clinch. Boetsch with a body shot. Knees to the body from Davis, he drops down for a double. Boetsch locks on a guillotine from half guard but Davis pops out his head and is on top in half guard looking for a kimura. Davis gets the arm behind his back and Boetsch is in a very disadvantageous position. Boetsch taps out to a modified kimura. Davis takes down Lloyd Irvin and Irvin taps.

NOTE: Buffer just calls it a “submission”. Davis says he invented and Joe says we will call it the “Mr. Wonderful” (Davis’s nickname).

OFFICIAL RESULT: Phil Davis def. Tim Boetsch by submission (modified kimura) Rd 2 (2:55)

NOTES: OMG — They just showed Youtube sensation Antoine Dodson in the audience and Goldy pointed him out on camera. WTF? He said the “stars” are out tonight and showed this guy. LOL That is very very funny. If the name Antoine Dodson doesn’t ring a bell take a look at this. Why is Antoine in Michigan? I thought he was from Alabama or something.

Maiquel Falcao vs. Gerald Harris

Round 1 – Harris with a jab. Wasn’t there a song called Falco, or a band? I digress…. Right hand from Harris as they continue to feel each other out. The boos start. Falcao hasn’t thrown anything yet. Harris leaps in with a hook and misses. Two minutes in, not a single strike from Falcao. Harris misses with a left, again. Misses with a right. Body kick from Falcao. Harris misses with a left. Misses with a right. Harris misses again with a combo. Falcao unleashes a combo of punches that connect and Harris is down against the cage. Falcao on top in half guard, landing some hammerfists and big shots. 40 seconds left in the round and Falcao tags him with a  couple lefts. Falcao takes his back but Harris gets to his feet, and slams Falcao backwards on his back. Falcao locks on a rear-naked choke and holds it on even after the bell. Ref has to pull him off by force. And Harris can barely get up, he was almost out. Falcao gets this round 10-9.

Round 2 – They touch gloves. Huge right hand by Falcao and Harris goes down. He gets up swinging and tags Falcao, but he’s unfazed and Falcao takes him down, takes his back. Falcao with hooks in going for that rear-naked choke again. Harris is in big trouble. It’s not under the chin though, Harris gets on his knees, turns around and is going for the takedown. Falcao gets underhooks, pushes Harris against the cage, lands a knee and is coming after Harris looking for blood. Harris with a jab, drops levels with a shot and Falcao sprawls. Harris has a single leg, pushes Falcao against the cage. Falcao very calm, he’s alos very experienced even though this his his debut in the Octagon. Big takedown from Harris but Falcao jumps right up. Body kick from Falcao. Harris’s hands are low and he eats a head kick, Harris shoots, Falcao sprawls, gives him a nice elbow. Falcao is no joke. This guy is talented. Ref warns Falcao for back of the head shots. 15 seconds to go. They get to their feet, clinched, Harris swings, misses as the bell sounds. Falcao gets the round 10-9.

Round 3 – Touch gloves. Harris with a leaping jab that misses. Leg kick from Falcao as he stalks slowly. Harris misses with another punch, and another. Ref calls for action as we near the 3:00 mark. Harris misses with two punch attempts. Falcao just waiting. He’s two up and just waiting on Harris. Harris misses with another right hook attempt. Leg kick from Falcao. Two minutes to go and Harris misses with more punches including an uppercut that was about two feet away. Rogan said Joe Silva had his hands up in the air like what is going on. Harris shoots with less than a minute to go. Falcao defends as they get back up and Falcao throws a head kick that misses. Harris misses with punch attempts. Now they try to start fighting as the bell sounds. And the whole arena is one big “booooo”. Rogan said Falcao will get a talking to after this. This is the time we need a type of yellow card. I give Harris the final round 10-9 but it was ugly. The crowd continues to boo as Harris puts his hands up. Falcao says “Chute Boxe” to the camera. Rogan says, “Yeah but that’s not how Chute Boxe fights. … Not how Wanderlei Silva fights.” The crowd still booing after minutes pass.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Maiquel Falcao def. Gerald Harris by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Matt Hughes vs. B.J. Penn

Round 1 – I don’t expect any boos in this one; at least not from a lack of action! Two legends going at it. I picked BJ to win but Hughes certainly has the potential to win. Hughes walking back and forth with that traditional Hughes look as his name is called. He looks a lot bigger than Penn. Penn lands the first punch. “Be first,” he always says. Penn drops Hughes with a big right and follows it up with a shot and Hughes went to sleep. Hughes just said, “What happened?” Which means he was knocked out. Penn ran out of the Octagon. It was a big right that dropped Hughes and followed it up with a couple more. Big win for BJ at welterweight. I can’t recall the last time Hughes went to sleep. It was a flash KO but he was out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: BJ Penn def. Matt Hughes by knockout (punches) Rd 1  (0:21)

NOTES: Penn says Matt Hughes is his idol and always will be. Penn loves everyone and tells everyone. Rogan talking to Hughes now. Hughes said he would have paid his purse to Dana to take this fight. He doesn’t know what is next.

Quinton Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida

Round 1 – Lyoto makes his Octagon entrance first. Rampage comes out hunting first. Takes the center of the Octagon. Lyoto with a leg kick. Misses with another one. Another leg kick lands. Another leg kick lands. Misses with one. Rampage still has not swung yet. Misses with another leg kick attempt. Rampage trying to get inside. Lyoto lands a leg kick. Rampage being hesitant, Lyoto lands a leg kick and Rampage attacks with punches. They tie up as Rampage catches Mr. Elusive. Rampage with body punches and thigh punches. Ref calls for work. Big uppercut from Rampage. Body kick from Lyoto then a knee to the body. Lyoto with his hands down. Body kick and Rampage ties him up. Rampage with foot stomps. Knees from the clinch from both fighterrs. Lyoto pushes Rampage against the cage, he backs up with less than a minute to go. Rampage hunting him down, cutting of the Octagon. Lyoto moves away as Rampage swings. Ten seconds. Rampage checks a leg kick and counter punches. Close round. I would actually give that to Rampage 10-9. Some may not agree.

Round 2 – Rampage hunting again. Knee to the body from Machida, then a body kick. Rampage ties him up with a body lock, clinched against the cage. Knee to the groin from Rampage. They restart in the center. Lyoto continually moving. Rampage ties him up again not letting him run. Punches to the body from Rampage. Rampage with a takedown, holding on to Lyoto’s legs, but Lyoto gets up, still clinched. Rampage swings and misses on the break. Lyoto ties up as Rampage swings. Two minutes to go. Underhooks from Rampage and lands a nice knee to the body. Head kick from Lyoto is blocked. He lands a big knee to the body but Rampage landed a big uppercut. Huge left hook from Rampage misses. Leg kick from Lyoto, they tie up with less than a minute to go. Ref calls for work. Ref is Herb Dean by the way. Lyoto tries for a trip takedown but Rampage defends it. Herb wants work. Rampage gets free of the clinch, Lyoto drops him with a left punch at the bell. I score the round for Lyoto 10-9 after that last exchange.

Round 3 – The replay showed it was more of a slip down by Rampage at the end there. I have no idea how the judges are scoring this. Rampage could be up two. Leg kick misses from Rampage. Lyoto lands one. Rampage lands a right against a retreating Machida. Leg kick from Rampage. Rampage swings a combo but misses. Machida attacks with several punches and Rampage is stunned. Rampage fires back and Lyoto takes him down. Lyoto on top in half guard. 2:45 to go. Lyoo trying to pass from half guard as Rampage hangs on. Ref calls for work. Lyoto looking for a kimura. Elbows to Quinton’s thigh. Lyoto moves to side control, moves to full mount. Lyoto looks at the clock. One minute to go. Lyoto postures up, goes for an armbar and Rampage picks him up to his feet for a power bomb but Lyoto wisely stands up. Lyoto ties him up with a clinch with 30 seconds to go. Lyoto rolls for a knee bar but ends up on bottom with a shoulder lock. Bell sounds. Rampage lifts Lyoto’s arm. Replay shows Lyoto landed several punches, a kick, and a couple of knees from the Thai clinch in the biggest exchange of the round and fight. Rampage raises his hands. It really could go either way. I give the round to Lyoto 10-9.

NOTES: Quinton looks completely amazed as his name is called. Rampage said he thinks the only thing that earned him the decision was he was the aggressor. Rampage said he would have to give Lyoto a rematch even though he doesn’t want to. Rampage said an immediate rematch would be fair and he thought he got his ass kicked.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Quinton Jackson def. Lyoto Machida by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

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