UFC 122 post-fight interview with Amir Sadollah

The Ultimate Fighter season seven winner, Amir Sadollah talks to the furry microphone about his unanimous decision victory over Peter Sobotta at UFC 122, Saturday night in Oberhausen, Germany. Sadollah feels the fact he was the much busier fighter had a lot to do with him winning the fight. Also, Sadollah said he would love to fight in it it if the UFC held an eight-man tournament.

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2 thoughts on “UFC 122 post-fight interview with Amir Sadollah”

  1. Amir Sadollah vs. Peter Sobotta

    On the thirteenth of November in a German city
    Fists are flying, if you miss it, what a pity
    Two fighters show up in the Oberhausen Arena
    Summoned by an equivalent of a UFC subpoena
    One is Peter Sobotta, the other has Amir Sadollah for his name
    They have trained hard and prepared to claim their fame
    It’s a good match stylistically
    Both are gentlemen characteristically
    Peter is at home Amir from across the ocean
    They both yearn badly for a ranking promotion
    Fight starts with the words: are you ready
    From then the action is plenty and very steady
    They have good hearts and they show it
    The two do their best not to blow it
    Punches and kicks over and over again
    With those bruises there must be agony and pain
    Peter goes for take downs once a round
    While Amir’s defense is sharp as a hound
    Peter’s spinning back kicks bring cheers and roars
    But they don’t help much in the final scores
    He falls once and Amir gets on top
    It was the missed kick that caused this flop
    The clenches don’t do much for Peter
    An elbow by Amir doesn’t hurt much either
    As the rounds wear on, so seem that does Peter
    Amir gets crisper with leg kicks that look sweeter
    Combos and kicks, jabs and punches
    Amir sends his way in many bunches
    Peter is tough and down he won’t go
    He’s fighting for life, in the interview he said so
    The man has heart you must give him that and more
    We’ll see him again with plenty to explore
    Amir sticks to his plan it certainly seems that way
    He didn’t come here for fun, games or just to play
    At the end its Amir’s hand in the air that is raised
    I think Peter agrees that Amir should be praised
    Peter must be proud with his chin held high
    He showed his toughness and that’s no lie
    Amir does a shuffle for the audience and his fan base
    After thanking Marco, Nick and others for their help with his usual grace
    The fight comes to an end and both of these men
    Can’t wait to get back in once Dana says when

  2. Holy cow, you just wrote a complete sonnet about the Amir Sadollah vs. Peter Sobotta fight. You deserve some kind of award for this by god. The world is your oyster my friend as I think you have just invented a whole new genre of poetry.

    As a friend of the rhyme myself, this is quite beautiful.

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