Jorge Rivera talks to a furry microphone in Oberhausen.

Jorge Rivera flew all the way to Germany only to find out his UFC 122 co-main event opponent, Alessio Sakara, was not going to be able to fight and the UFC had no replacement for him.

However, maybe it was for the best, because now, Rivera reveals he has been granted a fight with none other than England’s golden boy, her majesty’s pugilistic provocateur, Sir Michael Bisping.

Rivera seems intent on teaching Bisping a lesson as he says,

“I really want this next fight. I not only want the fight, I want to f*ck him up.”

Rivera says he will face Bisping in Australia, which means they will fight at UFC 127 on Feb 27 in Sydney. Also expected for UFC 127 is a welterweight bout between Carlos Condit and Chris Lytle.

Random observation: The reporter in this video is using without a doubt the furriest microphone (yes, furry) I’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact, it’s the only furry microphone I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s something unique to Oberhausen. If you have any inside info on the tradition of furry microphone usage, we would love to hear it.

It seems like it would throw the person you are talking with off track. If it was me who was being interviewed, the whole time I would be thinking things like, “I wonder why I’m talking into a bear leg?” … “I wonder if they always use microphones that resemble hairy animal legs here, maybe it’s part of their culture?”

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