Photo of the day – Douglas Lima’s triangle armbar

Photo courtesy of Maximum Fighting Championship

Douglas “The Phenom” Lima (17-4) sunk this triangle armbar on his opponent Jesse Juarez (15-6) Friday night in the third round of their main event welterweight title fight at “MFC 27: Breaking Point” at the River Cree Resort and Casino in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. had scored the first two rounds for Juarez, but he appeared to get just a little lazy inside Lima’s guard as the final round neared the halfway mark, and that was all it took for the Brazilian to throw up a triangle, turn it to an armbar and force the tap.

Douglas’s brother, Dhiego Lima, also picked up a win at MFC 27 with a second round knockout of Bill Fraser. Check out the complete results of MFC 27 here: “MFC 27: Breaking Point” live results, play-by-play.

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