Nate Marquardt is taking a very short break from his preparation for Yushin Okami to hop out to Vegas to check out his just finished custom 1970 Chevelle. Marquardt will face Okami in the UFC 122 main event on Nov. 13 in Germany.

Marquardt talks about his training, how he feels he matches up with Okami and how he feels about fighting in Germany for the first time. He also comments on his appearance in the new MC Hammer rap video and how things are going with Alchemist Management, Hammer’s MMA management agency.

Marquardt confirms the winner of his fight with Okami will face the winner of Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort (Feb. 5) for the UFC middleweight title. Marquardt says he would rather face Silva and thinks Silva is going to have the edge over Belfort. And then finally, we get to see Nate’s new ride.

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