Tuesday on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Joe (@joerogan) and Brian (@redban) were joined by comedian extraordinaire  Joey “Coco” Diaz a.k.a. Joey Karate (@madflavor). If you are only interested in hearing the MMA talk, then you can jump right to the 01:01:29 mark. It is there the fellas start discussing “the year of the Mexican” and Cain Velasquez winning the UFC heavyweight title over Brock Lesnar this past weekend at UFC 121. They talk about Shields vs. Kampmann, Ortiz vs. Hamill, Sanchez vs. Thiago and the rest.

Joey also shares his theory on why he thinks Brock Lesnar is done with fighting and expounds on the reason he thinks Lesnar doesn’t like to be hit.

Also, Joey makes the very special announcement that he will be writing a column for us here at ProMMAnow.com (I haven’t told him yet that he left the “now” off our address). You are definitely going to want to be on the lookout for Joey’s column. He is as old school as it gets, loves MMA and shoots from the hip. If you have never seen his “10th Planet Kush” videos with Eddie Bravo, they are a must. Nobody breaks down a fight like Joey Karate.

You can skip right to the MMA talk, but if you do, you are going to miss a whole heap of laughs. If you have still never listened to the Joe Rogan Podcast, first of all let’s be clear, it’s not safe for work (unless you work at Hustler magazine). It’s not safe for children (unless you spawned the seed of Chucky). And if you consider yourself to be a person of high moral upbringing with strong conservative values, this is not for you (actually it truly might be for you and you just don’t know it yet).

For everyone else, you should be safe.

Check out the Beauty and da Beast podcast (www.beutyanddabeast.com) each Monday to hear comedian Joey “Coco” Diaz and former Playboy centerfold and stripper-turned-stand-up comic Felicia Michaels.

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